David Rue's progress report

David Rue (TE, Monroe, LA) - David had to leave St. Augustine in New Orleans to Richwood in Monroe last season due to Hurricane Katrina.

The transition was rough as he was separated from his family and had a new environment along with new teammates and coaches.

Richwood is a run option dominated offense which left David from one of the focal points at St. Augustine to an afterthought at Richwood. But Rue came into this season with hopes that he would be more utilized. So far, that has not happened.

"I am pretty down. They are not throwing the ball, just running it. They are not throwing it all. If they do happen to throw it, they overthrow it or throw an interception. I am a team man, but this is the second year in a row I have had to go through this. I am just frustrated. That is all," added the 6' 6", 245 pound David Rue.

Rue was playing defensive end during two a days but that has also come to an end.

"I am strictly on offense now."

What are Rue's stats for the season?

"I have 4 catches, and I do not know how many yards I have. All of those were against Bastrop in our first game. I had some one handed catches that game."

David committed to Ole Miss early in the recruiting process but has cracked the door open to its competitors.

"I have been doing some research on Ole Miss and some other colleges. Ever since I committed, I have been thinking about some other colleges like Clemson. I am suppose to go down to Ole Miss on December 2nd for my official visit."

What has caused Rue to start to waiver?

"Nothing got me. I just want to continue doing some research on some more schools. Really, what got me is when all of these people ask who I am committed to, some tell me they are a good school and others ask why I would go to a school like Ole Miss. That got me to thinking I need to do some more research. Some ask me why I am not going to a school like LSU. I might still end up going to Ole Miss, but I am still keeping my options open. I am still committed, but I have not signed or anything."

Which colleges have been in contact with David this month?

"Just Ole Miss ILM, and La Tech. Clemson has not called me at all."

Has David expressed his concerns to Ole Miss?

"No, the last time I talked to Coach Frank (Wilson) we just set up my visit."

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