Are Rebs still in for Marcus Green?

Marcus Green (Ath, Kemper County, MS) - Marcus committed to the MSU Bulldogs this summer but he has not totally shut the door from their competitors.

"Right now, I am still pretty firm (committed), but I do not know if I am going to change my mind or not. I am just going to put it in the lords hands to lead me in the right direction," added Marcus Green.

There are four colleges who are still keeping in contact for the Dandy Dozen senior.

"MSU, USM, Ole Miss, and Alabama still call me pretty much every week."

Has Marcus had a chance to visit any of the schools who are interested in him?

"I went to MSU two weeks ago. I think I am going to USM's next home game, and I am probably going to go up to an Ole Miss and Alabama game too."

What does USM say to Marcus when they call?

"They actually stopped by the school to see me. They said I can come down there and play RB or WR."

What did Marcus say back?

"I did not take it serious at first, but they told me before that I could play RB. So I told them I would come to a game of theirs."

What is Ole Miss' message when they call?

"They said even though I am committed (to MSU), they are going to recruit me to the fullest. They said they are not giving up."

And what was Marcus' response?

"I said I was going to listen to them."

When Marcus speaks to MSU; what is said?

"They just tell me they can not wait for me to be a Bulldog. I told them that I am ready to come up there because they need some help."

And Alabama?

"They asked me how my season is going and they want me to come in for a visit. They said when I get ready, lets set up an (official) visit."

Is Marcus going to take his official visits?

"Yes sir, but I have not set up any. I am going to wait until after the season is over and then go. Most colleges worry about it after their season is over. I will take my visits. I plan on visiting those four schools for sure."

Which position is each college recruiting Marcus to play?

"USM is either RB or WR. MSU, at first, they wanted me at strong safety. But I told them I did not know how to play defense and I was use to offense. I told them I wanted a shot at running back and they said OK. They told me I could get a shot to play any position I want to play. They did not want to put me somewhere I did not want to play. They just want me happy. Ole Miss wants me some where in the secondary, either SS or CB. Alabama did not really say. They just like me as an athlete."

Is the position Marcus is recruited for important?

"Not really. If I can help what ever college I go to win, I will play it."

Marcus has had an injury plagued season but came back from the DL and had his best game of the season against Newton.

"I had 381 yards and 4 TD's. It was one of my better games here."

How would Marcus rate his play this season?

"I got hurt in the first game. I had a high ankle sprain. I still played the whole game against Noxepator and had 109 rushing yards and 5 TD's on 8 carries. I re-injured it in the second game and had to miss the 3rd game. In our fourth game, I came back and had 146 yards and 1 TD and a 2 point conversion on 18 carries. I have had my moments. We are 2-3 now, so hopefully we will turn this thing around. I feel like I am a whole lot better this year because I play harder and take it more serious. It is like a job. You do what you got to do and you get paid."

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