5 Star WR blown away during official visit

A.J. Jackson (WR, College of Sequoias, CA) - Brent Schaeffer's favorite target last season had a chance to take in his official visit to the University of Mississippi this weekend.

"I loved it. It was fun. I liked everything I saw. I can not wait to get back, to be honest," added the 5 Star WR from COS, A.J. Jackson.

When did A.J. arrive and what did he do during the visit?

"I got there around 1:00 am Friday. They had a steak waiting on me. It was real good. It was so late, I just went to sleep after that. I got up Saturday morning and ate breakfast. I toured most of the campus with an academic advisor. She explained all of the classes I will be taking and introduced me to a few teachers in my major. Then two nice young girls showed me around. We went and looked at everything and went around town and just looked at Oxford. We came back, and I met with my WR coach, and we watched some film. They showed me how they were going to use me, and we went over their offensive philosophy. Then we went and ate another steak for lunch at some restaurant. It was the best steak I have ever had. I miss the South so much. The food out here (California) just is not like it is down home (laugh). Me and coach then went to the locker room and training room. They showed me all of the facilities while the players were getting ready. I was pretty much blown away with how nice their facilities are. They were top of the line, all new. I went to the Grove next and watched the Walk of Champions. I liked that a lot. I just kind of envisioned myself walking through there to see what it would feel like. That was straight. The fans are wild at Ole Miss. They love their football. I liked it all."

A.J. had a few thoughts while watching the Ole Miss football game.

"While I was watching the game, I was thinking what moves I would be making and how badly Brent needed me out there. They do not have any big receivers, and it really hurts them when they got down in scoring position. I do not mean this to be cocky, but we would have won if I would have been in there. No way we do not score on all of those trips down there if I am in there. Their WR’s are little and that hurts you when you get down there. That will change next year.”

What did his good buddy and former teammate, Brent Schaeffer, have to say to Jackson?

"I chilled with Brent after the game, and then we went out and partied. He told me how badly he needs me back and that he missed throwing to me. I told him to not worry, that I would be there this summer."

A.J. is originally from Lehigh Acres (FL) and is now at the COS in California. Ole Miss has always been a far distance from home. Was the University of Mississippi about what he was expecting or better or worse?

“Ole Miss was way better than what I was expecting. Everybody was telling me that there would be nobody there and it would be boring, but it is not that way at all. When I left, I knew I had made the right decision. I just can not wait to get back down there. I did not even want to leave."

Jackson is scheduled to graduate this summer.

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