Kevin Cantinol takes in official at Ole Miss

Kevin Cantinol (C, Clearwater, FL) - The Rebels are eyeing a couple of big men to finish this year's recruiting class and one of their targets was in this weekend for an official visit.

"I made it down there for my visit. That was my first college campus to ever step foot on. It was beautiful up there. Everybody was so friendly to me. I had people coming up to me in the Grove telling me how much they looked forward to me being there. I don't even know how they knew who I was. That was pretty neat," added Kevin Cantinol from the Island of Martinique.

What were the main things Cantinol learned about Ole Miss during the trip?

"A lot about their academics and their basketball team. I also got to meet all of their coaches. They were really great. The atmosphere for their football game was neat too."

The NCAA allows recruits to play with the current players while on their visits. What did Kevin learn about the Ole Miss players while competing with them?

"I did pretty good, but it is really tough to play against them. They have a lot of good players. If I came to Ole Miss, I would have to work for it, so I will really have to develop."

What stood out the most about Kevin's trip to the University of Mississippi?

"I would say their coaching staff. They were real easy going and easy to get along with. I also liked their academics. I want to major in International Business, and they have a very good program."

What was Cantinol's biggest concern about Ole Miss?

"There was only one thing. They have a lot of big guys, so it will be tough, but that was my only concern."

The 6' 9", 215 pound prospect has the wingspan of a person that is 7' 2". Did that give him any advantage in competing against the big men at Ole Miss?

"I blocked a few (shots) (laugh). They are just so strong, but yes, that usually does give me a little advantage."

Where does this visit leave Ole Miss on Kevin's pecking order?

"It is still the same. They are first."

Kevin will visit Toledo (10/6), Winthrop (10/13), and UNC Greensboro (10/20) before making a final decision.

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