Practice Report: Tuesday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron had a lot of success last week turning up the tempo in Rebel practice sessions. He continued that trend and philosophy today in practice with a full-pad workout that produced the desired results. Read about it inside.

Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron continued his philosophy of turning the heat up in practice and the results from Tuesday's full-pad workout pleased him.

"It was a good, hard, physical practice. We watched some Vandy film today and worked on their plays in practice today," Coach O noted. "The intensity carried over and was good.

"It's very important that we make positive strides this week. We have to make steps forward. That is our focus."

After frosh Marcus Tillman's debut at defensive tackle against Georgia, Coach O stated Marcus would remain at DT.

"He's doing a good job there. We're pleased with what Marcus is accomplishing," Orgeron noted.

Earlier today, it was reported that frosh DE Greg Hardy had an accident, falling down while leaving a class and hitting his head. O said Greg is "OK."

"Greg's fine. He had an accident. He fell down. I think he will be fine and will feel better as the week goes on," Orgeron stated. "He had a pretty bad fall, but he'll be alright."

Orgeron said Hardy's accident will be dealt with from a team standpoint.

"You guys know I'm always positive. I'll jsut open up a new can of defensive ends," he joked. "Greg is our best defensive lineman right now. I think he has a chance to have an outstanding career here. And I think he's going to be fine (from the accident and for the Vandy game)."

Vandy QB Chris Nickson presents the Rebs with some problems, via his athletic ability and via the scheme the Commodore coaches run, O said.

"Nickson does a lot of good things with the ball in his hands. He's a good technician. They run a lot of the same plays Missouri ran with their young QB," Orgeron added. "Their coaches will have a good plan against us."

Orgeron and his staff are hoping to make strides in the Rebs' passing game this week.

"We have to work hard on our protection pacakages. It starts there," he said. "I don't think we are going to get Darryl Harris or David Traxler back though for this week, but it's early in the week. We'll see. We would like to move Andrew (Wicker) back to guard, but we may not be able to."

The Rebels are getting a lot of ink right now for the number of freshmen/newcomers that are playing.

"These youngsters have a couple of big games under their belts now. They know what it's all about now. They are getting it," he continued. "The better they perform in games, the more confidence they gain. But it works both ways. If they don't perform, you may have sit them and let them grow a little bit.

"I'll use Greg as an example. He's very confident after his game against Georgia. Look at Jamal Harvey. He's walking around with a lot of confidence now. He went in there and had very few busts. Greg had a great practice last Tuesday and it carried over to the game. He was dominant. Last Tuesday, we had a three-on-three drill and he was definitely the best player in the drill. His one-on-ones in the last game were really, really good and it stemmed from him having some fantastic practices."

Coach O said he doesn't mind throwing youngsters in the fire, so to speak.

"I like throwing them in the fire, but I also like having the choice," he said, meaning he wishes he had other options and more depth at times. "I like to play them and will play some more next year. Hopefully we will have some young guys get some freshmen awards this year. That will help us in recruiting. I told this year's guys they would play. I told the QB (Brent Schaeffer) he would start. Every one of them who has shown me he can play has played this year.

"I know at USC we played Shawn Cody and Mike Patterson as freshmen and three years later they were pretty good."

Orgeron said SS Jamarca Sanford, who was injured in the Georgia game, did not practice today and he's not sure when he will return. Senior SS B. Brown, who cramped up in the Georgia game, returned to practice.

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