Practice Report: Wednesday

Ole Miss went through an intense practice in shells today with the normal Wednesday routine of concentrating on the offense and defense of the Vanderbilt Commodores, Saturday's opponent for Homecoming. Read about it inside.

"The offense really had a good day today," said Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron. "They were pepped up and made a lot of plays today. We did a lot of Red Zone work and they produced.

"The passing game also looked real good. Brent Schaeffer's accuracy was very good, the wide receivers were catching the ball and we had a couple of deep balls that were completed."

Orgeron said it was hard to tell about the pass protection, but he "hopes" it has taken a step up as well.

The Rebel offense may change up their offensive line a little, according to Coach O.

"We may start Maurice Miller at right tackle and move Andrew Wicker back to left guard. We may. We experimented with that today and it looked pretty good," Coach O noted. "We will watch the film and see how it looks. Andrew is just a better guard and it's Mo's turn. He's big and physical. Hopefully, he can do well out there. I think he can."

Coach O commended the recent play of Defensive Tackle Brandon Jenkins.

"He's developed very rapidly lately. For Brandon to be where he was in August and to produce the way he is now is a tribute to his hard work," O said. "He's a big key for us because he's a strong guy in the middle who can take on double teams and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. The big difference between Memphis and Georgia is that he was out of his gaps then. He's now playing his gap well and that makes a big difference in his production."

Orgeron was asked what kind of year MLB Patrick Willis is having to this point.

"Patrick is having a good year, but he's not dominating like he was last year. Last year, he had four guys on the defensive front who knew what they were doing. They were in their gaps and allowed him to run sideline to sideline," he explained. "Now, he's got an inexperienced line in front of him and more people are coming after him. He's having a good year, but it's early. As the DL develops, he will benefit.

"When Patrick only makes four tackles though, like he did against Georgia, and we have the kind of defensive effort we did, it tells me the others around him are getting better. The front played a lot better against Georgia. Rory Johnson was better. Garry Pack had one of his best games. Those guys stepped it up and got better, but we weren't as spread out against Georgia. They had more guys in the box."

Coach O said DE Greg Hardy did not practice today, but he was at practice. He stayed with his observation from yesterday that Greg "will be fine," but he did not define if that meant for this weekend or not. And O's options if Hardy cannot play?

"We will go with Viciente DeLoach. Chris Bowers has had some good practices this week and seems healthier," O added.

There was some hope DT Jeremy Garrett might try to come back this week, but O said it will be "a while" for Jeremy's return.

Orgeron isn't allowing the lack of depth to bother him.

"(No depth) is just the way it's going to be this year. We'll find a way," he closed.

The Rebels will practice in helmets and shorts tomorrow and conclude their full-speed practices for the week.

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