Ian Williams talks about official to Ole Miss

Ian Williams (DT, Longwood, FL) - One of Florida's top overall prospects took in an official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend.How did it go?

"Well, there was definitely more to do than I thought before I got there. That was a big plus. The coaches and players were real cool, but the big thing was that there was more to do than I originally thought. That is what stood out the most for me," added the 6' 2", 300 pound defensive tackle, Ian Williams.

What new did Ian learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know before he arrived on his visit?

"Well, the players are real/real cool. They are more down to earth, like my teammates. They are more my kind of people. That place is real social too. The Grove was real cool."

Williams also had a chance to visit Notre Dame officially. How do the two schools compare?

"Both schools were college towns. The players and coaches were cool, but there was a little more to do at Ole Miss than Notre Dame. I fit in better with the people at Ole Miss than Notre Dame. But Notre Dame is a great place, and I am still taking them into consideration."

Prospects have one on one meetings with the head coaches before they leave from their official visits. How did Ian's meeting with Coach Orgeron go?

"It was cool. He wanted to let me know how much he wants me, and he kept stressing to me that I could get some playing time as a freshman if I went there."

Williams had a chance to watch the Ole Miss defensive tackles during the game.

"They only dressed three interior linemen for the game. That kind of shocked me. I know I could go into there and get some immediate playing time. They also play a real fast paced defense. I liked that."

What does Ian's pecking order now look like?

"Well, I still have Florida at the top, but going to Ole Miss let me know what the atmosphere is like, and I got to see what it is like in Oxford. I am also still considering Notre Dame, Clemson, Auburn, South Carolina, and Tennessee, to go along with Florida and Ole Miss."

Has each school offered?

"Yes sir."

What stands out about Florida?

"They are ranked number two, so that is a big plus. They are also a great school, academically."

Florida was the first school to offer Williams and that has made a big impact.

"I was a huge FSU fan until that. Florida changed everything when they offered me first."

What other factors will play a role in his decision?

"The depth chart will be big. I will also look at the coaches and atmosphere around town."

Which school is recruiting Ian the hardest?

"Well, I definitely say Ole Miss and Florida are recruiting the hardest right now. I go to my mailbox and I have three letters from Ole Miss and a whole bunch of stuff from Florida. Those two have taken it to another level."

Where will Ian visit next?

"I do not have anything set up. I am not sure yet."

Ian had 83 tackles, 23 for losses, two sacks, four forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries as a junior.

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