Isaiah Smith talks about Ole Miss/Vandy game

Isaiah Smith (LB, Columbia, TN) - One of Ole Miss' key linebacker recruits has attended the last two Rebel home games.

Did anyone accompany Isaiah on his unofficial visits?

"Well, the first game against Georgia, I took my mom, dad and brother down there. Saturday against Vandy, it was my dad and one of my teammates who came with me," stated Isaiah Smith.

How did his experiences go?

"The trip down there was about 5 hours both times. That took in all of the rest and eating stops, so the drive is not that bad at all. When I got to the game, the crowd was really hyped, especially for the Georgia game. I am not sure if it was sold out, but it was packed and they really supported their team the whole game despite them having a losing season. That really impressed me the most over everything else. Knowing you will get that kind of support during the tough times means a lot to the player. It keeps you into it when times are bad."

Did Smith have a chance to talk to the other recruits at the game?

"I have gotten to know one of them pretty good. His name is Bradley Sowell. He is a big ole cat, real friendly though."

Did Isaiah get a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches?

"Both times I talked to Coaches Freeze, Orgeron, and Saunders. They told me they could not wait to get me there. They also told me I could have made a couple of those plays. I told them they were right (laugh)."

Does Smith believe he can make an immediate impact on Ole Miss squad?

"I really do. They are losing (Patrick) Willis at LB. Rory (Johnson) will still be there, and they told me they are pretty young at linebacker. I think I can make an impact, but I know I will have to work hard."

What will Isaiah need to work on to make an impact on the next level?

"Just the speed of the game is a whole lot faster. It looked real fast in the stands, so you know it is fast live."

Did these unofficial visits solidify Smith's commitment to the University of Mississippi?

"Yes sir. I was already solid with my decision. I just wanted to see them play. I am not even going to take anymore visits. I am set on Ole Miss."

How is Smith's senior season coming along?

"We are on a losing streak. We are 2-5. It has been pretty rough, but we have 3 more games to go. I had 59 tackles through six games. I do not have the stats for
our last game yet."

How would Isaiah rate his play?

"I would give myself a B to a B-. I need to improve on my pursuit to the ball and getting off the ball a little quicker."

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