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Junior Quarterback Seth Adams is the backup to starter Brent Schaeffer, but in recent weeks he's been called upon for spot duty when Schaeffer has struggled some. He says he's ready to play whenever his number is called. Read about it inside.

The life of a backup quarterback can be peculiar.

If the starting QB is struggling, he's the most popular player on the team.

But the reality is the backup QB position may be one of the toughest to handle. The second-team quarterback has to prepare as if he is the starter, in case of injury to the top gun, yet he doesn't get the reward of playing a lot on Saturdays despite all his extra preparation.

At Ole Miss, the backup is junior Seth Adams, who is currently second fiddle to starter Brent Schaeffer.

"I just want to be ready for when my number is called. There is a lot of extra film work and studying at the quarterback position that other positions don't have to do, but if you don't do it and you are called on, you would look pretty dumb out there," Seth said. "I don't want to let my team down if the coaches put me in or if Brent got hurt.

"I try to work hard on every snap and in the film room. I try to motivate my teammates all I can. I make sure I am ready. That's my role on this football team."

Lately, Brent has been struggling. Seth has been called on a couple of times to take some game snaps to see if he could move the team.

"I was kind of nervous my first time out there but this past weekend against Vanderbilt, I was fine," he said. "I look forward to my next opportunity, but as I said, I have to stay prepared. That's very important for me because you never know when your number will be called."

From Seth's perspective, Schaeffer is handling the down times well.

"I think Brent has handled things very well. Obviously, every QB wants to throw for 300 yards a game, but the offense has hit a slump lately," Adams explained. "But Brent hasn't let it get him down. He's a competitior and he's working hard to make the offense better."

Seth believes he's got a grasp of everything Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner is trying to get done in the system.

"I have a good feel for the offense. I got a lot of it down in spring training and then had a jump on things in August," he noted. "It's easier during the season after you get the whole system down because Coach Werner condenses our gameplan down each week to the plays in the system that we are going to run, which is a small percentage of the whole package.

"That gives us more repetition of the plays we are going to run that week. The opposition has to prepare for the whole package, but we can rep what we are going to use and don't worry about what we aren't going to use. I just focus on the plays we are going to use that week and it's worked out fine for me in terms of preparation."

Seth said the possibility of him playing some has risen in recent weeks. That has required him to take a little different approach in getting ready.

"I have always prepared hard, but now I think I get a little more anxious now than at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season I knew I wasn't going in unless Brent was hurt. Now, there's a chance they could call my number at any time and I have to be loose and ready and into the flow of the game," he stated. "The coaches have told me they are going to slip me in for a series or two every game, if they can, so I have to be mentally sharp and prepared for when that opportunity comes. I have to stay on top of what's been called and what's likely to be called and try to get a feel, from the sidelines, of what Coach Werner is thinking and which direction he may go with his calls if I'm in there."

Adams believes he can lead the Rebel offense to victory.

"Obviously I'm a dropback passer and won't make the scramble plays Brent does, but I feel I can protect the football and move the team down the field," he closed. "I believe I can run the offense and make good things happen. I just hope to get my number called and be ready when it is."

Schaeffer is still number one. Seth knows that, but it's apparent the coaches are leaning more and more toward giving Adams chances to show his stuff.

Seth is ready for the call.

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