Ken Davis clears injury and grade rumors

Ken Davis (RB, Tupelo, MS) - Mississippi's top running back for the class of '08 committed to Ole Miss this past summer.

This put all of the recruiting burden off of his shoulders and just allowed him to go out and play the game he loves to play, football.

And it showed on the playing field this season as Ken was rushing for over 165 yards per game in Mississippi largest classification until this past Friday.

"The guy laid a lick on my knee, and then I got twisted, and I fell down on it funny. Everybody thought I tore my MCL at first, but it was just a sprain," added the 6' 2", 220 pound Ken Davis.

When will Davis be back on the playing field?

"They are saying 4-6 weeks, but I am going to try and get back sooner. It all depends on how my rehab goes. I am still down. We are playing South Panola Friday. We have been looking forward to this game since spring practices. I just can not believe I am going to miss this game. But we are still a team, and I have to keep my teammates up. They can still do it without me. The younger guys will just have to step up."

Tupelo stands at 4-3 and is 3-0 in their division.

"We were really coming together before I got hurt. That is what has me so down. I feel like I am letting the team down, but you know in this game, it can be your turn on any given play."

Has Ken had a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches about his injury?

"Yes sir, I called them the next morning. They told me to keep my head up and not get so down on myself. They told me to not worry about a thing. Coach Orgeron told me I could have my leg amputated and my scholarship would still be there. That meant a lot to me."

Davis had a chance to take in the Ole Miss/Georgia game.

"I loved it. That was a good game to go too. I enjoyed myself . I think their running game fits my style."

Did Ken get a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches?

"Oh yea, I spoke to Coaches Orgeron, Wilson, and Freeze. They congratulated me on my win and told me how happy they were to see me there. I just love the environment up there. Everybody knows they are a great school, and their coaches are all about winning. Everybody knows they are all about football at Ole Miss. I just can not wait to get up there and be a part of their program. I have Ole Miss posters all over my wall right now. I lay in bed a lot thinking about running through that tunnel and playing for Coach Orgeron. It is going to be a lot of fun."

There has been some confusion as to where Ken stands academically. Davis gave us this insight.

"I am a junior on the field, but I am in the Class of '09 academically right now. That is going to change. I will graduate next year. I have been taking some correspondence courses on my own and I am going to summer school at Tupelo. I will be caught up by the start of my senior year."

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