Recruits taking notice in Rebel's upswing

Ole Miss has shown a steady improvement in the past three games. Luckily for the Rebs, they were playing in front of a national audience against Georgia (ESPN) and Alabama (CBS). Many key recruits took notice.

"They are competing good right now," commented DT commit, Drake Nevis. "They look like they are putting all the pieces to the puzzle together and doing something right. Everything is going better than it was in the beginning. It is all coming together."

Drake had these observations about how the DL is stacking up.

"In the beginning to where they are now, they are much quicker on the defensive line. I think I can come in there and apply some more pressure next year though."

Eric Nicks has had a chance to watch all of the home games and their road games that have been on TV.

"They are looking a whole lot better. The better the team they play; the harder they play, than the teams like Wake Forest. It could be because they have a lot of freshmen playing, but next year it will be a whole lot better because they will have some experience to fall back on. I think when I get there next year, Ole Miss is going to shock a lot of people. I knew the whole time Coach Orgeron was going to get it together. He told me they needed a big blocking fullback to come in there and open some holes, and I was his man. I think I can help out a lot in that area when I get there," commented the 6' 1", 258 pounder out of N' West CC.

Another running back commit believes the Rebels have turned the corner.

"You can just see how much different they are playing now than they were at the start of the season," added Jeramie Griffin. "Coach Orgeron is one of the best recruiters in the nation, so you know they are just going to keep getting better and better. I think by the time we (Jeramie, LeRoy Diggs, Chris Strong) get up there, they are going to be ready to win big. They should have won the Georgia and Alabama games, and they are playing all of those freshmen. It's going to be a lot of fun next season."

The Rebels are looking to add a tall cornerback to their roster and one that is getting a hard look is Omar Love.

Omar attended the Georgia game.

"It was a big game. Ole Miss' defense really stepped up and that told me a lot about where their program is going. I feel they are going to be really good in the future," added the 6' 2", 190 pounder out of Hinds CC.

Army All-American Chris Strong, had a chance to catch the Ole Miss/Alabama game on TV.

"I told you this when I saw you at the scrimmage before the season started. We are going to win some championships while I am up there. Coach Orgeron knows what he is doing. Just look at them now. They are a play away from beating teams like Georgia and Alabama and they only have like something like 10 seniors (9 is correct). Coach Orgeron is bringing in the top players from all over the country. It's going to be real exciting while I am up there," stated the 6' 3", 265 pounder out of South Panola.

Although the Rebels look to be on the outside looking in, Army All-American Luther Davis is taking notice.

"I watched them a little earlier in the year, and then I got to see them play Georgia and they really caught my eye. Coach Orgeron text messaged me a couple of weeks ago and told me I could come off of the edge for them. I like how they are using their ends. They play real aggressive. I think any defensive player would have fun playing in that style of defense," added the 6' 4", 260 pounder out of West Monroe. "If they had a home game this Saturday, I would go to it, but I think they are on the road. Hopefully I can check out a game of theirs before the end of their season."

Bradley Sowell
expressed his concerns after the Wake Forest game.

"I couldn't believe how sorry they played. I know they are much better than that because I have seen it in their practices. I think they will get it together," stated the 6' 7", 330 pounder.

And Bradley was right.

"I knew Coach Kehoe was going to get that unit to gel. Look at them now. They are opening up huge holes and Ben-Jarvis is running hard. They are much more physical now than they were when the season started. You can just see that they are really getting a lot more confident out there. I really think next year is going to be the start of something special. Hopefully I can come in there and open up a few more holes for them next season."

Johnny Brown has also taken notice in the improvement from the team.

"I am not going to lie, it looked pretty bad after the Wake Forest game. They put it on them pretty good. Then against Georgia, they were more focused and really came together as a team. I think when I up there, and we are winning those games like they lost Saturday (against Alabama), they are going to look back at that Georiga game," added the 5' 11", 200 pound athlete out of Charleston. "I just wanted to see if they were going to get better as the season progressed. I did not know they were going to get this good, this fast."

The Rebels have been eying MSU commit, Jamariey Atterberry, since he impressed the staff at the Ole Miss football camp this past summer. Atterberry attended the Georgia game and came away impressed.

"They have a lot of talent in the secondary. They did a good job. I would have to come in and work hard and fight for playing time. But I love how they play their CB's. I noticed in man coverage, they were not in your face and jamming. Jamming is something that I need to work on. They played loose coverage, so you do not have to worry about jamming if you play there. They play to my strengths," added the 6' 0", 188 pound cornerback out of Kosciusko.

The atmosphere of the home games have also turned a few heads.

"It was good. They had a big crowd for Georgia. Their fans were really into the game. That is the type of crowd I like. They play good competition each week. They seem like a good school. I think I fit their schemes well, and I can get some playing time next year if I go there," added one of Ole Miss' key offensive line recruits, Alex Washington.

"When I got to the game, the crowd was really hyped, especially for the Georgia game. I am not sure if it was sold out, but it was packed and they really supported their team the whole game despite them having a losing season. That really impressed me the most over everything else. Knowing you will get that kind of support during the tough times means a lot to the player. It keeps you into it when times are bad," commented linebacker commit, Isaiah Smith.

"I got there Saturday for the Georgia game and tailgated in the Grove with a few of my teammates and my coach," commented O.Perry Walker's Alex Williams. "People were coming up to me from everywhere telling me how glad they were to have me coming up there and they could not wait until I got there."

"Their fans are crazy and they really get into it. I thought it would be loud because GA was playing, but not that loud. Everything was great," added Rishaw Johnson after his unofficial visit for the Georgia game. "It always feels like home when I am up there. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I am up there."

The Rebels have already filled up two thirds of their slots for the '07 class and are already working on their '08 class.

One '08 commit came away impressed with where the Rebel program is headed.

"I just love the environment up there. Everybody knows they are a great school, and their coaches are all about winning. Everybody knows they are all about football at Ole Miss. I just can not wait to get up there and be a part of their program," stated the 6' 2", 220 pounder, Ken Davis.

Always remember that recruits are not "fans". They do not live and die with each victory and loss as fan do. But they do want to know which direction the program is headed, and with the recent play during the past few games, it is obvious which direction that is.

Don't look now, but these past few games could cement another Top 15 recruiting class.

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