Nevis talks about where he stands with OM

Drake Nevis (DT, Marrero, LA) -'s #29 nationally rated defensive linemen is tearing it up this season.

"I have around 70 tackles, 27 for losses, 7 sacks, and 17 QB hurries in our first seven games," stated the 6' 1", 295 pound Drake Nevis.

What has helped Drake have this monster season?

"I am staying low this year."

Drake saved his best for Lafayette when he was named the Metro Player of the Week.

"I had 10 tackles, 4 sacks, and 5 QB hurries in that game. Another game I had 15 tackles, 5 for losses, and a key game saving tackle."

John Ehret stands at 3-4 but have already made the playoffs due to the strength in their schedule.

"It is weird over here in Louisiana. You do not get into the playoffs by your record, but by your power numbers. We have played five teams that were undefeated when we faced them. We have the toughest schedule in the state."

Drake was able to watch the Ole Miss/Alabama game Saturday and also saw them play against Georgia.

"They are competing good right now. They look like they are putting all the pieces to the puzzle together and doing something right. Everything is going better than it was in the beginning. It is all coming together."

Drake had these observations about how the DL is stacking up.

"In the beginning to where they are now, they are much quicker on the defensive line. I think I can come in there and apply some more pressure next year though. Next year I will do my part, and everybody else will do theirs."

Although Drake has remained committed to the Rebels, he has not totally shut the door on its competitors.

"I still feel good about my commitment with Ole Miss, but I am still going to take my visits and take the best offer."

And which colleges are in the running to receive a visit?

"LSU, Auburn, and Florida are really on my hard right now. They text me all of the time and tell me how badly they need me."

Does Drake have any concerns with Ole Miss?

"No, I like everything about Ole Miss. Coach Frank (Wilson) is like a brother to me. I am just hearing everybody out to make the best possibly decision for me. It is best for me to take my time and hear everybody out, and I will accomplish that on my five visits. As for any doubts about Ole Miss; I have no doubts about them. I know where that program is headed, and I feel real comfortable with their coaches and players. Everybody is from over here anyways. I know that all of the colleges I am looking at can get me to the next level. It is just where you feel the most comfortable at and who is being real with you and upfront. Right now, Ole Miss is that place, but I have never checked out any other places besides Ole Miss and LSU. I just think I owe it to myself to really research the schools who are interested in me. It would not matter who I was committed to; I would treat it the same way."

And what has Coach Wilson said to Drake about his feelings?

"We never really talk about the commitment. We talk about my school work. We never get into that. They know I am still committed, but at the same time, they know I am going to take all five of my trips, so we have never really talked about it."

What does Drake tell the recruiters outside of Ole Miss?

"I tell them the same thing I told you. I am still committed to Ole Miss, but I am interested in seeing what you have to offer."

And where all has Drake set up his official visits?

"The only one I have scheduled right now is for Ole Miss on December 1 - 3."

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