Practice Report: Tuesday

As painful as the Alabama loss was, the Rebels do not have time to dwell on the 26-23 OT game. It's time to concentrate on the Arkansas Razorbacks, who are flying high with a five-game winning streak after a season-opening loss to USC. Read about the Rebs inside.

In Monday's press conference, Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron was adamant about the Rebels putting the Alabama game behind them and "getting the team back" after the emotional loss.

After today's practice, he feels that is being accomplished.

"We had a really good, aggressive Tuesday practice. We ran Rebel drill, one-on-one, etc., in full pads and the team responded well," said Orgeron. "Everything is fine with the team. Everyone is moving on. We are getting ready for Arkansas the way we need to be."

Coach O knows the task awaiting his squad in Fayetteville is formidable, starting with the tandem tailbacks, Darren McPhadden and Felix Jones.

"They are pretty good. They are the best combination we have seen," he noted. "They make big plays, they run behind a good offensive line and the Arkansas coaches have a good scheme.

"We have to emphasize tackling more. There are certain ways you have to tackle these guys and we are working that."

Then the Rebs have to contend with WR Marcus Monk, who averages just over 20 yards per catch and is another one of theose 6-6 receivers that seem to keep popping up on the schedule.

"We have to get a better pass rush, for one thing. The thing about Monk is that he beats people one-on-one with them all over him. We have to do some things (scheme-wise) that can hopefully help us," O stated.

Coach O has been more daring this year on fourth down. Why? Because he's more comfortable doing them.

"Our confidence has grown. We knew we'd have to make some different calls this year and we feel we are better equipped to do some things on fourth down," he continued. "There is better communication on the staff with what we want and everyone is on the same page. We also have more confidence in our players to get things done in those situations."

Last week, DT Jeremy Garrett came back after being injured a few weeks. Has the added depth helped things?

"It helps, but we aren't getting everyone back. They are slowly coming back, which is better than not at all, but we've still got some out," Coach O added.

In Robert Lane's absence last Saturday, Coach O was asked how Lawrence Lilly and Robert Hough did at tight end against the Tide.

"Lilly had his best game. Robert caught the ball well. Talking to (Offensive Coordinator) Dan (Werner) he felt they did a real good job and they will probably have the same roles this week," he allowed. "Hopefully we can expand it some."

Coach O said Rebel frosh WR Dexter McCluster did not practice today. No other names on the injury list were mentioned yet.

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