"Big" FB ready to strap it on with OM

Eric Nicks (FB, Oxford, MS) - The Rebels are looking for a big bruising full back to add to their roster next season, and that is exactly what they got in the 6' 1", 258 N' West CC product

"They are telling me I have a real good chance to come in and play because they are looking for a fullback to come in and play next season. They want a real physical back with good hands, but mainly, they want someone to come in there and open some holes up for their tailback. That is what I do best. I love to hit," added Eric Nicks.

Eric played for Lafayette County in high school and had a very successful career. He helped them to the 2004 Class 4A North Half Championship game as a senior and was the key cog for both their offense and defense as he accounted for over 1,200 yards of offense and over 100 tackles at linebacker. Nicks participated in the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star classic and was named the District 7(4A) Player of the Year for his on the field accomplishments.

Once he arrived at N' West CC, the Rangers were in the same dilemma. Where to play this talented youngster? Eric was good enough to play either LB, RB, or FB. But Nicks settled in at fullback and is one of the best blocking fullbacks in the country, if not the best, per our sources.

N' West CC is now 4-3 but they are 4-0 within their Division.

"I do not even know my stats. I do not pay attention to all of that stuff. I know they are not very good because I have not ran the ball but a few times this season, but I do know this, I have a lot of pancakes (laugh), a lot."

What has Nicks improved on this season?

"I am blocking a whole lot better. My blocking and running really."

N' West has two more regular season games left and face ICC this Saturday. If they win out, they make the playoffs.

"That is what we are aiming for. We started off slow, but we have really picked it up with the new staff. We are having a lot of fun."

Eric has had a chance to take in a few Ole Miss games this season.

"Actually, I have been to all of their home games. They are looking a whole lot better. The better teams they play; the harder they play than the teams like Wake Forest. But that could be because they are playing so many freshmen, but next year it will be a whole lot better because they will be experienced. Ole Miss is on the rise, and that is what got me so excited about playing for them."

What have the Ole Miss coaches relayed to Eric?

"They just want to make sure I am going to be eligible to play. I have to have a B in English and a C in Math to get into Ole Miss. As long as I get that, I will be good to go. I have to have that average to be able to get into Ole Miss. I am taking both classes this semester. I was suppose to get out in May, but I am trying to take some correspondence courses to get out in December, but I do not know how it is going to go."

Eric has set up an official visit with Ole Miss for December 1 - 3 with a fellow teammate.

"Rodney Brisbon is visiting with me. They have been calling him a lot lately. The Ole Miss coaches told me to keep working on Rodney because they needed an offensive tackle that could block like he could. I think it is going to all work out."

Could the Rebels knock out two needs in one fell swoop?

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