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The Ole Miss Rebels knew they had been beaten by the Arkansas Razorbacks, but they certainly didn't feel the score - 38-3 - was indicative of the game. The opening kickoff return, the first given up by the Rebs since 1988, set the early tone and the Rebs never got anything going to get them back in the game. Read their comments inside.

The following are quotes from some players and a coach or two after the 38-3 loss to Arkansas in Fayetteville yesterday.

OL Coach Art Kehoe: (On the game) We struggled on third down some and we didn't establish the run the way we thought we should. It hurt us a little when (OG) John Jerry went out (concussion), but we felt we should have gotten more done. When we didn't get the run going like we had hoped, we got behind 28-3 and started throwing a little more. We couldn't connect there like we should have. On third downs, we had some leakage on some protections, we had some bad throws, we had some drops and we had some miscommunications between the QB and WRs. We just didn't execute. When we fell behind 21-0, we stayed with our plan because our defense had settled down a little and what we were calling was there, but we didn't help them out with anything consistent on our side of the ball. That's been the story a lot this year. We haven't started many games well and that sets the tone of the game and momentum sometimes. Then we got something going on offense and had to settle for the FG, which hurt. We needed a TD there and had a receiver open for a score and missed him. (On the Hog DL) They played a reduction front they haven't shown much, with a three-man line, but they didn't bring any pressure from angles we didn't practice. They played more 30 defense than we expected on third-and-long, but we adjusted to that OK. The protection, for the most part, was OK. We just didn't make any plays. We had a chance for some big pass plays and didn't make them and we had a chance for some big runs and didn't finish them. We just had steady runs. We just didn't get it done.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On the flow of the game) They hit us with the opening kickoff, but that had nothing to do with the way we played on offense. We should have just looked at that as 7-0, as if they had driven the ball down and scored, but we didn't make anything happen when it was our turn on offense. I didn't think we played with the same energy we did last week. I don't know why. All I know is that this is what happens when you don't play with energy as a team - you get beat badly. We played with energy last week and didn't today. (On his shoulder) It's fine. I will do whatever I have to do to play. It's fine.

MLB Patrick Willis: (On the game) We stopped their run for the most part, but we gave up way too many big plays to win the game, in special teams and on defense. If you are playing a good team, like Arkansas is, you can't give them a spark with those big plays. Big plays ignite a team, especially at home. We let them get momentum. We didn't make the plays we had to make. (On Darren McPhadden) We felt we could slow him down and we did. He broke free on the screen, but we contained him a lot today. We played pretty physical today, but they popped us two or three times and that was the difference. (On his 13 tackles) I felt OK out there today trying to help my team the best I could, but it doesn't matter if I had 30 tackles if we lose. I'd give up every tackle I have ever made for the win. (On the score) It didn't feel like a 38-3 game. We didn't play that bad except we beat ourselves. We did not get outphysicaled today, in my mind. We just got beat. (On the long screen to McPhadden) We had the blitz on the other side and they hit us where we weren't. It was a good call, but it shouldn't have been a touchdown. (On the team's mentality) We didn't have our usual fire today with a few guys. We have to take it upon ourselves individually to do whatever we have to do to be ready to play. One or two guys not getting it done will get you beat and sometimes get you beat badly like today. (On the positives of the game) There weren't many, but we did hold them to 140 yards rushing, which is about 100 under their average. That's what I meant when I said they didn't manhandle us. They just made plays and we didn't. We reached one goal, to slow down their run, but that's all we did.

QB Brent Schaeffer: (On the day) We just couldn't click on plays we needed to. We couldn't get over the hump and make the big plays we needed at crucial moments in the game. It was little things - I was a little off on some throws, we had some drops, we had some miscommunications between me and the receivers too. It was just a bad day with our passing game, starting with me. We had poor execution. They were a good defense, but we should have done a lot better. It's hard to say we should have won when you lose 38-3, but we could have done a lot better than we did. I thought we were into the game, but when things went haywire, I think we lost our intensity a little.

DB Coach Chris Rippon: (On the punting game) I didn't feel we had the kind of day which changes field position for us, which I thought we could. We were always starting with bad field position because our punting team didn't have a good day. We also had two chances to block punts today and couldn't pull them off. We had one good punt return due to pressure on the punter, but that was it. (On the kickoff return) Very disappointing. We broke down in the middle and then didn't pursue the way we are taught to. That was a terrible play for us that set the early tone.

OC Dan Werner: (On the offense) We have to start making plays. All three things - protection, passing, catching - have hurt us at times this year. Today, the protection was pretty good and we didn't make the throws or the catches. This was the epitome of all that today, though. We didn't make any plays - zero, as far as I am concerned. We had plenty of opportunities to make plays today. We should have scored at least what we did last week. Then it's a different game. It is very frustrating to see the play developing and know it's there and we can't make it. I am as frustrated as I have ever been. That's the point I am at right now. We have to find the guys who are going to get it done - whatever position it is - and go with them. (On the Hog defense) They did a couple of different things with their front, but they were things we felt we could take advantage of. We had guys open, but we'd make a bad throw or drop a sure catch. (On Arkansas's blitz) I think we slowed their blitz down with some of the short things we were doing. Like I said, we had the protections covered OK, but then we couldn't complete the passes. (On dropped passes) We drill it and drill it every day. If a guy drops a pass in practice, we make them do pushups. Coach (Matt) Lubick is coaching as hard as he can. But it wasn't all drops - we missed throws we should have made too. That's the QB's fault. (On the gameplan change at 21-0) We didn't change it much because what we were doing was there with some execution. We had a sure TD dropped and a sure TD missed with a bad throw on a tight end drag. Really frustrating.

DE Greg Hardy: (On the defense) We knew the Hogs were going to throw some screens and different stuff at us and we didn't respond to it the way we were coached to. We played the run tough, but we let them get us on some big plays that simply should not have happened. We practiced all week against everything they run, but we didn't execute when we needed it the most. We'd stop them and stop them and stop them and then they'd hit us. (On the team's emotion) We didn't play with the intensity we did last week. I don't know why because we knew Arkansas was leading the SEC West and we had to have our best effort. Sometimes our energy was not there today.

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