Stanley Porter continues to shine

Stanley Porter (DL, Rosedale, MS) - The 6' 3", 245 pound West Bolivar product came into the season with little fan fare.For good reason.

How many players from tiny Rosedale that missed their junior campaign do you know about?

But it was not that Stanley had never produced before. The 2004 campaign saw Porter named the Region 3(2A) Player of the Year after collecting 89 tackles and 14 sacks. Porter's junior season was right on the verge of another banner season as he collected 23 tackles, 6 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries in just three and half games of action. But a fractured ankle ended his season. There went all of the post season awards along with the preseason hype like the Dandy Dozez team...rankings...etc.

"Yea, it hurt to not be on the Dandy Dozen team and not get ranked highly," added Stanley Porter. "But I knew what type of player I was, and why I was not ranked highly. I have camped and competed against a lot of those players who did make those teams and were ranked ahead of me. I knew how I stacked up against them. I knew in the end it would all come out."

Luckily for Stanley, a school he grew up rooting for recognized his talents early and offered him a scholarship.

"Coach Orgeron sent me a letter after I was hurt last year and told me to hang in there and to keep my head up. He said that I had a spot on their team no matter what, to not worry about it. After Christmas break, I told my mother that if they asked me to commit, that is where I was going. A month of so later, I was talking to Coaches Hughes and Orgeron on the phone, and they asked me if I wanted to be a part of their program, and I told them I was ready"

Porter's early decision allowed him to concentrate on his senior campaign, and so far, Stanley has been as dominating as he has ever been.

"We are 9-0 right now. We are trying to look for our next win Friday to finish the regular season undefeated. I have been doing really good. I have been helping our linebackers get more tackles because they have been double teaming me a lot at nose tackle. I have also been doing some really good blocking on the offense line."

Stanley has been starting at offensive tackle and defensive tackle since his 10th grade season, but Ole Miss projects him at defensive end.

"I play tackle here because I am the biggest guy, but Ole Miss told me that they want me at end. I feel a little more natural at defensive end, but I will play where ever they need me."

Stanley had 8 sacks through his first three games of action but stats are not what is important to him.

"I really could not even tell you what my stats are, to be honest. I do not pay attention to all of that stuff. The only stat I keep up with are our wins and losses and right now we are 9-0. That is the only stat that matters."

Porter feels like he is a better player this year due to one reason.

"My techniques are so much better now. I am a much better player this year because I have really worked hard on my techniques."

Stanley does not have a car so transportation to the Ole Miss football games have been difficult, but he did get a chance to ride with his coach to the Ole Miss/Vandy game.

"It was a very interesting game. Their offense did not produce much, but their defense played great. They did not give up the big plays. I really liked how their defensive line played. I like the way they come off of the edge. That is what I like to do, come off of the edge. I like their three down lineman set too. It lets you go one on one."

Porter has a close relationship with the staff but one coach stands out.

"Coach Hughes and I have a friendship that goes beyond football. He does not treat me like a coach would. He treats me like a friend. Coach is a very religious person and so am I. We had that connection from the start."

There were a couple more reasons why Porter choose Ole Miss.

"I really like their facilities more than the other schools I have seen. I also like how they coach. They push you really hard to work hard to better yourself."

Stanley has set up his official visit to Ole Miss for December 8 - 10, but there is one more school who would like for him to add a second visit.

"Auburn is still calling and text messaging me a lot. They know I am solid though."

The last thing that Porter wants everybody to know is this:

"I made an 18 on the ACT test. I got it back a couple of weeks ago. That was a big relief to get that out of the way.


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