Rebs continue to lead for Frink

Johnathan Frink (LB, Oxford, MS) - It had been three games since the Charger's star linebacker was out on the field but Friday's contest was too big for Frink to not make his presence known.

"I dressed out for Hernando but they said they did not need me," added Johnathan Frink. "There was no way I was missing this game (against Clarksdale). It was too big to stand on the sidelines again."

Frink had a stinger to his shoulder which put him on the sidelines for nearly a month, but he showed no ill effects from the injury Friday.

Johnathan Frink
"I had 16 tackles and 1 sack. It felt real good to be back out there. I am still in shape. It just felt good to hit someone again."

Johnathan now has 76 tackles and 5 sacks in 6 games of action, but Friday marked Oxford's first loss.

"It was a tough loss, real tough. We made too many mistakes. They were not that good. We just made too many mistakes. I had fun though, with this being my first game back. I just hope we get a rematch with them later on down the road."

Frink did have this to say about Clarksdale's (Jr) cornerback/running back, Charles Mitchell.

"He was the best player I have faced this year. He is so hard to wrap up. And when you get to him, you have to tackle him. He has good footwork. You just hope to get a hand on him, and when you do, he is so hard to bring up."

Next up for the Chargers is their cross town bitter rivals, Lafayette County.

"Well, I think we have the advantage because Clarksdale only beat them by one, so they think they can run all over us. I think the loss Friday was the best thing for us because now we are going to refocus and practice with a since of urgency this week. I really think this loss is going to bring us together."

Prospects have begun to set up their official visit slate but Frink only has one set up to date.

"So far, I only have Ole Miss (12/10). I have been talking to Stanford, but my mom is talking to them about the visit. I just talk about other things to their coaches."

Which colleges are keeping in phone contact with Johnathan?

"South Carolina and Kentucky have been calling a lot, wanting me to visit. Georgia has been calling a lot lately too. They are getting close to offering me. The Rice coach has been calling. And of course, Indiana always keeps in touch. Ole Miss too."

Which colleges would Frink like to visit besides Ole Miss and Stanford?

"I have not figured it out too much. If Georgia offers me, which I think they are about to, I would like to see their campus. Other than that, I would probably take one to Indiana. If I take an official visit, it does not mean it is one of my top schools. I just want to see their campus and how their players interact with their coaches."

Which school is getting closest to offering next?

"Definitely Georgia. I just sent them some tape, and I think they are getting real close. I should know something real soon."

Does Frink have a leader?

"I am still leaning towards Ole Miss, but I am still open to other possibilities. That is basically where I am at right now."

Frink is an outstanding student as he already has a 24 on the ACT and a 3.0 GPA.

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