Where do Rebs stand with Rufus Williams?

Rufus Williams (DE, Titusville, FL) - One of the top defensive ends in the Sunshine state has not disappointed this season.

"I have 13 sacks for negative 115 yards," added Astronaut's Rufus Williams. "Right now I have 75 tackles, 13 sacks, 1 fumble recovery for a 58 yard TD and like 28 QB hurries."

Astronaut is currently 7-1 and face Cocoa for the District championship.

"We have to win that game. It is for all of the marbles. But after them, we got our cross town rivlas, Titusville. We will be well prepared for the start of the playoffs. That is for sure."

What improvements has Rufus seen in his game?

"Right now, I still do not think I have played my best game. But I just have a lot more knowledge for my position now. I can tell if it is going to be a pass or run by watching the guards now. All of those little things add up."

Has Williams begun to set up his official visits?

"I have one on December 10th. That is a for sure visit. After that, I do not even know if I am going to take anymore visits."

Does this mean Rufus is now leaning towards the Vols?

"Yes sir, but Auburn is still in the picture too, so is Ole Miss. Clemson just got into it. They sent a coach to my game on Friday."

What vaulted Tennessee to the top?

"Matt Luke is recruiting me for Tennessee. He writes me every day. That is going to play a big role in my decision. They just seem like they care about me more as a person than an athlete. They have great academics, and they get a different coach to call me every week. Like my position coach, Coach Caldwell. He calls me and then Coach Luke calls me, and then Coach Fulmer calls me. I like that. It lets me get to know all of their staff and just not my recruiting coorinator. It just seems like they want me more than everybody else."

Which schools are still in the running?

"Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and West Virginia."

Alabama had been on Williams hard during the early stages of the recruiting period, but it looks like the Tide could be cooling off.

"I have not heard from them in a while. But when Coach Ball does call, he tells me I am still one of their Top 5 recruits, but action speaks louder than words. They do not recruit me like some of the other schools."

Williams had committed to Ole Miss this summer but backed off due to his godmother's unfimilarity with the Rebel's campus and coaches. Will Rufus and his godmother ever end up seeing the Rebel's campus?

"I think I might take a visit to Ole Miss. They were the first school to offer me, so I think that is a for sure visit too. And besides, Coach Lubick is a good man. He still recruits me hard. I at least owe it to him to come check it out."

What are Auburn's positives?

"They were the first school to come see me play. Coach always calls and checks up on me and tells me how badly they need me."

North Carolina State had been mentioned by Rufus earlier as a school he was interested in; are the Pack still in it?

"Yea, you could say that. They have a good program going. They started off bad, but they produce athletes. They had the #1 pick in the NFL this year. I could be the next one."

When did Clemson get into the picture?

"They have been recruitine me, but their coach said he wanted to get me an offer so he came down to watch me play and send them back some film. But to be honest, I do not know how much of a factor they will be because it is so late."

Rufus had this good news to share to everybody.

"I made a 24 on the ACT test."

Williams claims a 2.6 Core GPA.


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