T.J. Borcky will visit Ole Miss this weekend

T.J. Borcky (QB, Orlando, FL) - The 6' 4", 195 pound signal caller out of Lake Highland had a disappointing start to his season

"I separated my shoulder in the first game and missed the second game, but that was it. I did not miss anymore games after that. I feel all the way back now. I am starting to run it a lot more, and I am not sore when I get hit on that shoulder," added T.J. Borcky.

Borcky is not sure of his stats, but he feels like he has seen some improvement in his play this season.

"My arm strength is the biggest thing. I can tell a big difference. I know my footwork is a lot better from going to all of those camps. I feel more polished. I always had good footwork, but those camps helped me out a lot."

Lake Highland has a very big game this Friday night.

"We are 2-1 in District play. If we win this weekend against Umatilla, we get into the playoffs."

T.J. was told by the Ole Miss staff this summer that they offered Stephen Garcia for the qb position, but if Garcia were to choose another school, he was next in line.

Has anything changed?

"They are still telling me I am the #2 guy behind Stephen Garcia. I talked to Coach Orgeron on the phone last week, and he told me that if Garcia commits to another school, I will be the next one they will call. I am going to the Ole Miss/Auburn game unofficially this weekend, so I will find out more about it then. I think Stephen is taking an official visit with them later on, so I will probably have to wait to know for sure. But I understand what Ole Miss is doing. I actually think it is pretty cool that they are being that loyal to Stephen and this upfront with me. I appreciate them letting me know exactly where I stand and not beating around the bush with me."

Has Garcia had a chance to set up any official visits?

"I have offers from Cinci, Army, and FIU offered me on Friday. Their coach came down to talk to me. He said it was official. I am definitely taking one to Cinci on December 9th. And I will definitely take one to Colorado State. I have been talking to the other Lubick (head coach at Colorado, not assistant at Ole Miss) a lot too. We have a real good relationship."

A couple more instate programs have increased their interest in Borcky.

"Central and South Florida have been calling a lot lately. UConn has also been calling a lot. And Navy has been on me hard. They sent a packet with a hand written letter from every coach. That was pretty neat."

T.J. carries a 3.6 GPA.

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