Practice Report: Wednesday

Before you know it, kickoff for the Ole Miss-Auburn game will be here. Saturday morning is a blink of the eye away. In the meantime, the Rebels are readying for the task of taking on the 7th-ranked Tigers, who Coach Ed Orgeron says is the "best team we've faced yet." Read about it inside.

Rainy waether in the Oxford area forced the Rebels inside for their Wednesday practice. Fortunately, the IPF field was ready and waiting for the important mid-week workout.

"We had a good Wednesday practice inside. The guys looked like they were ready to go," said Orgeron. "It's great to have our indoor field. We have a lot of room and having one field is plenty. It doesn't hamper practice at all."

Orgeron said the Rebels are still working on different options for the vacated SLB slot when Garry Pack was dismissed from the team this week.

"We are still developing all our options. We have a few people in mind and will see how it shakes out," Coach O noted. "We have some options on the team and we will explore them all."

The rumor mill has been buzzing about SS Jamarca Sanford trying the LB slot, but O remained vague on the subject.

Orgeron was asked which Rebel players were key to the Auburn game.

"You have to look at defense first. Patrick Willis and Rory Johnson are playing very well right now. They have a big challenge with Auburn TB Kenny Irons," Coach O noted. "We will have to play well defensively up front. Those guys are key.

"Brent Schaeffer is going to have to lead the team and BenJarvus Green-Ellis will have to play well."

Speaking of the defensive front, how has frosh Marcus Tillman adapted to DT after a few games there and is DE Greg Hardy still progressing at DE?

"Marcus is doing what we expect him to do. He's probably going to be an end in the future. He's doing a good job, but when you get to the physical games like the Auburn game, we need a bigger guy," he stated. "Greg has done a good job. He is having an outstanding freshman year and continues to make progress."

Tackles David Traxler and Darryl Harris have returned to practice this week after missing several weeks with injuries.

"Having those guys back gives us some choices, which is nice. If something happens, we at least have choices and we'd like to keep the guys starting fresh with some backups taking some snaps," he explained. "Maurice Miller keeps the starting spot at right tackle, but Darryl and David can play several positions on the OL.

"Robert Lane also practiced today. John Jerry did not practice today, but we still expect him to play. It's getting close, but we expect him out there."

WR Dexter McCluster has not played since the first play of the Vanderbilt game, when he was the recipient of a vicious head-on collision.

"Dexter has not practiced and will not play this weekend. He may be out for a while," O stated.

The Auburn Tigers await. How good does Orgeron think the seventh-ranked War Eagles are?

"Overall, they are the best team we have played this year, on film," he closed.

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