Rebs still in hunt for Co-Eric Riley?

Co-Eric Riley (WR, MS Gulf Coast CC) - The former George County standout is having another solid season this year.

Through eight games of action, Co-Eric has 35 catches for 509 yards and 4 TD's.

The 7-1 Gulf Coast Bulldogs face S' West CC tonight in their last regular season game.

"We are excited about our game. This is my last regular season game here, but the playoffs start next week. We go to N' West CC, but we still have some business at hand to take care of," added Co-Eric Riley.

What improvements has Co-Eric seen in his game this season?

"Last year I was just playing off of my stats. I was really only worried about my stats last year, but this year I am worried about winning. I want to help my team out in any way I can."

What about his team; have they improved?

"I really think we are better this year because our defense is doing a real good job. We have a good offensive line, and our QB has taken leadership. I think we can go real far."

Riley committed to MSU early in the recruiting process, but stated that he was about 70% committed the last time we spoke. Is that still the case?

"I am about 60% sure right now, but I am still committed to them."

Why the drop in percentage?

"I don't know. I will just leave it that I am just open now."

And which schools is Riley open to?

"Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, USM, MSU, and LSU are all keeping in touch. They are showing me interest, and I am showing them interest."

Are each of one of these schools keeping in phone contact?

"Yes sir. They all call a lot."

Which college is showing Riley the most interest?

"MSU and USM. But really, all of them are coming after my pretty hard."

Co-Eric has developed a tight bond with several of the coaches who are recruiting him.

"I feel really close with Coaches Holliday and Smith (MSU), Coach Luke (Tennessee), and Coach Henson (LSU). They are all pretty cool."

Riley has not had a chance to set up his official visits yet but he has a few he wants to check out.

"I am going to get to that after my season is over. I am only worried about winning right now. But when I do get around to that, I would like to visit Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, and Ole Miss."

Riley took an official visit with MSU back in September and is expected to graduate in May.

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