Christopher Warren talks about official to OM

Christopher Warren (PG, Orlando, FL) - It is no secret that the Rebels are trying to fill an immediate need for the point guard position in the early signing period, and the player they have their eyes set on was in town for an official visit over the weekend.How did the visit go?

"It went good. I enjoyed it," added the 5' 11", 165 pound Dr. Phillip's product, Christopher Warren.

Who was Warren's player host?

"J.P. (Jeremy Parnell). That is his nickname. During the day, we toured the school. I spent a lot of time with Coach (Torey) Ward too. Then during the nights, I went out with the boys out on the town. It was a lot of fun."

What new did Chris learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know from before?

"The people are good. They seemed cool."

Warren had previously stated that he had heard there was not much to do in the Oxford community. Were the rumors true?

"Those people need to go down and see it for themselves. There is a lot to do over there. It was nothing like I was told. What happened 20 plus years ago, well, it has changed. People see Mississippi in a bad light, but they have to see it for themselves because it is not like they say."

Where did Warren hear the negative things about Mississippi?

"Mainly just the word on the street and a few family members."

Basketball allows its prospects to actually play some hoops with the current squad members during their official visits, where as in football they do not. Did Chris get a feel as to where he would fit in with the current Ole Miss players?

"I feel I can fit in well. I do not mean to sound cocky, but they do not have anyone who can do the things I can do at the point position. That was a big plus. I can go right in there and make a big impact."

Chris had two things he was going to look at before he came on his visit to Ole Miss.

"I wanted to see how their people were, and I wanted to see if there was anything to do. The people I hung out with were real cool. And as far as things to do, I had fun with the players. I enjoyed myself. Like I said, it was nothing like I had heard."

Warren had a chance to have a one on one meeting with Rebel head coach, Andy Kennedy.

"He told him how I would fit into his program, and he told me about the opportunity I would have to get some playing time. I liked what he was telling me."

Where does Ole Miss now stand in Christopher's pecking order?

"I can not really say. Everything is just out there for me. I am wide open right now."

Anymore official visits on tap?

"No, I have used them all up. I just got back from North Carolina State last weekend, and I went to Virginia Commonwealth a few weeks back and a couple more earlier on."

When Warren sits down to make a decision; he will look at the following things:

"I want to look at playing time, their people, conference exposure, the academic side of it, coaches, and playing style. I like an up tempo team. I like to push it up the court."

Who gives Warren the best chance for early playing time?

"I feel I can make an impact at all of the schools, but I can make a bigger impact at Ole Miss because of their need for another point guard and they are in the SEC."

Who's people did Christopher feel the most comfortable around?

"Well, being that, I feel I fit in good with all of the schools. Everyone is cool. I enjoyed myself."

Academically who fits Warren's needs?

"Academics, I can't tell you because I do not know what I want to major in yet."

Who gives Chris the best conference exposure?

"The SEC, Ole Miss. It's the best basketball conference in America."

Which coaches did Warren feel the most comfortable around?

"I felt equally comfortable with all of the coaches. They were all nice guys."

And lastly, style of play. Which college is going to give Christopher the up-tempo style he is looking for?

"I think all of them said they are going to try and push it up the court. They are all trying to use that up-tempo style."

Warren should have a final decision in the near future.

"Within the next few days, I will hopefully have a decision. I plan to sign next month, so it is getting about that time."

Chris averaged 26 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals a game last season for Dr. Phillips.

"I am on pace to break our school record in points, assists, and steals."

Warren has a 3.0 Core GPA and took the SAT two weeks ago and is waiting on the results.

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