Ted Laurent sets up visit with Ole Miss

Ted Laurent (DT, Powder Springs, GA) - The Rebels focus for this year's recruiting class will be with their interior line. They worked overtime to garner a commitment from one of the top defensive tackles in the country in Ted Laurent. Does Ted Laurent remain solid with his commitment?

"I have been watching their games on TV. They have been keeping up with the top ranked teams except for Arkansas. Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn, they had leads late in the game. I am still strong in my belief we are going to get this thing going when I get there. We are just young, but we are going to turn it around next year," added the Super 11 selection by the AJC, Ted Laurent.

While Ted was watching the Rebels' defensive linemen; he had a few observations.

"Coach Orgeron called me right after the Auburn game. He asked me if I had watched the game. I told him I did. He said they were just a play away on defense from winning that game. He said they needed another DT to get some pressure on the QB. I told him he would have that guy next year (laugh). He said that's what he wanted to hear. There is no doubt in my mind that I will make an impact for Ole Miss next year."

Although Ted is committed to Ole Miss, that has not stopped competing schools from trying to change his mind.

Ted Laurent
"South Carolina and LSU have been calling a lot lately, but I keep it short. I am going to LSU on December 16th for a visit the weekend after I visit Ole Miss, but Ole Miss has nothing to worry about. I am signing with Ole Miss, and LSU knows that. I just want to see their campus and see how it looks. I have never been anywhere but to a few campuses. Nothing has changed. I am still down with Ole Miss. There is no changing my mind."

There are a lot of things that attracted Laurent to Ole Miss but a couple stick out.

"When I got up there, they just had everything I wanted. It just felt like home. They have a great football program and great academics. Plus, I want to play for Coach Orgeron. He molded Warren Sapp and that is who I pattern my game after. There is not a better coach to prepare me for the NFL than Coach "O". Like I said, Ole Miss has everything I want."

Laurent has a few things he has to focus on before he takes off for college.

"We are 4-4 right now. We have to win our last two games and get some help."

Ted's reputation as Georgia's top defensive lineman has followed him.

"I was not expecting to get tripled teamed like I am this season, but that is just the way it has been. But really, it has helped guys like Mark Bounds. He has 45 tackles, so I am helping my teammates out. I have 32 tackles and 7 sacks. My stats are down. They are hitting me high and low. It has been frustrating, but I am getting use to it."

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