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Ole Miss RB Coach Frank Wilson is blessed to have backs such as BenJarvus Green-Ellis, one of the leading rushers in the SEC. But he also has a head coach and offensive coordinator who believe in a rushing game. All of that makes his job easier, but someone - him - still has to put it all together into a productive package. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Running Backs Coach Frank Wilson has a lot of things going for him this year at his positions.

A head coach and offensive coordinator who both believe in a straight-ahead, no-frills, hard-nosed running attack; an improved, and continually improving, offensive line; and a bevy of solid running backs, including one of the SEC's best in BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Life is good, with one caveat of displeasure - the Rebs aren't winning.

"We've improved this year, no doubt, in the running game. Our backs are better and our OL is better. Coach (Dan) Werner and Coach (Ed ) Orgeron demand a good running game. OL Coach Art Kehoe has got his guys playing hard and being efective in the running game. From that perspective, I'm happy," said Wilson, "but we are all in the same boat paddling and the team has not been winning.

"We take a lot of pride in what we do and we are happy with some of the progress we are making, but winning is what it's all about, no matter who does what, we want to win."

Having said that, Wilson has some good things happening at RB, starting with Green-Ellis.

"BenJarvus has been excellent for us this year. He's been frustrated at times with his shoulder because he's a guy who gives it his all on every snap and he doesn't like being limited, but he has endured it and keeps producing," Frank noted. "He's on pace to get 1,000 yards this year, but he's not pleased. He thinks he should be gaining more yards.

"We're hoping for a big game from him this week and then he can get some needed rest on that shoulder in the open week. I think that will help him tremendously and get him healthier for the last two games."

Frank said the pounding RBs take in the SEC leaves msot playing banged up toward the end of the year.

"This level of competition is the closest thing you are going to get to the NFL. The defensive line folks in this league are aggressive, the linebackers are big hitters and the schemes are set up to stop the run and pound running backs," he explained. "Defenses in this league swarm the ball and have a bad attitude when they get their hands on you. Your body goes through a lot of wear and tear during a 12-game season. They take a tremendous amount of punishment to their bodies, but the really great ones play through the nicks and bumps, like BenJarvus has. I can't remember seeing BenJarvus without a bag of ice on his shoulder, but that's the life of an SEC back."

Wilson has to keep a close eye on BJGE during games.

"I have to watch him closely because he won't tell you if he is hurting. He has never asked to be taken out of the game. I have to watch his body language and decide when he's had enough because he'll do anything he can to hide it and keep playing," said Frank. "He doesn't like coming out of the games - the great ones never do."

Junior Bruce Hall came in the game against Auburn, made several nice runs and even hooked up with QB Brent Schaeffer on a key halfback pass.

"We are confident in Bruce's abilities. BenJarvus is a guy who's going to jam the ball into the hole and get what he can," Wilson explained. "Bruce is similar, but at the same time he's elusive enough to dart east or west to an opening and then jump back north and south. Auburn was plugging and pinching some of our holes quickly and Bruce was taking advantage of the openings one hole over. He gave us some life in the running game.

"The halfback pass was well-executed by Bruce. He recognized, being a former quarterback, that the safety did not bite on the flow of the play in the opposite direction of Brent's route. If he had tried to lead Brent, it would ahve been picked off. Bruce saw that, threw underneath the coverage and it was a nice gain. His experience as a quarterback paid off."

Wilson said Bruce has been the ultimate team player this season.

"I just got through meeting with him reviewing his academics and he told me that whatever we decide his role is to help the team he was willing to do it," Frank noted. "He's not pleased we aren't winning and he's not pleased he's not contributing more, but he's willing to do whatever we want him to do to help us win."

Frank has also been pleased with the progress of Mico McSwain lately after a slow start this season.

"Mico is getting it now. He's understanding what kind of back you have to be in this offense and is showing flashes of being that kind of back," Wilson said. "We want to keep blending him in and working on ways to get him the ball in space because of his speed. The reverse the other day was a perfect example of that. He just outran the pursuit after he got the corner."

His ace in the hole is true frosh Cordera Eason, who is in the developmental stages right now.

"We've had the luxury of bringing Cordera along slowly. He's getting his feet wet on special teams and with a few TB snaps while he's developing his body and learning the offense," Wilson stated. "Due to the experience Cordera has had this year, he now understands fully what he's got to do in the offseason and in the spring. He's got a chance to be a special back in this league in time, but he also understands what he's got to do to get there."

At fullback, Jason Cook is the main guy in the running game, but Frank has also lined up Robert Lane and Robert Hough there. Walk-on Andy Hartmann also got some snaps there against Auburn.

"We have a lot of options for the fullback slot. Jason has been banged up, but he's back now and gives us our best chance in the running game. Lane and Hough are good out of the backfield in the passing game," he closed. "We have options and that's a good thing when you are a coach.

"We have some positions on this team where our coaches don't have many options. I've been blessed this year to have several."

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