Nashville DE sets up official with Ole Miss

A.J. Greene (DE, Brentwood Aca, TN) - It is a small wonder that A.J. has received the offers and recognition that he has considering these circumstances.

"Last year was my first year to play high school football. I was good last year, but I had a lot of learning to do," added A.J. Greene.

Greene has benefited from a year of experience.

"This year, I have improved my hands, strength, footwork, and I have learned a lot more about the game, period."

A.J. has everything you are looking for in a big time defensive end. He is 6' 5", 250, and ran a 4.75 at the scout combine. It is no wonder he has already attracted several BCS program's attention.

"I have offers from Marshall, TCU, Louisville, and MSU."

Which colleges are coming after Greene the hardest?

"Mississippi State and Ole Miss right now."

What attracts A.J. to these two schools?

"At Ole Miss, I know I can come in as a freshman and have a chance to see the field. They are playing like 20 freshmen this year. I think their defensive ends are graduating too. The same goes for MSU. I can come in there as a freshman and play right away."

MSU has another positive factor.

"Coach Beamer, I like him a lot. He just seems like he is very interested in me, and seems like he wants me a lot. I want to go to a place where I think I am wanted. I honestly do not care which college I go to. I just want to go where I can be seen. I am not a picky person."

Has A.J. begun to set up his official visits?

"I have one scheduled for Ole Miss for December 1 - 3. That is the only one I have set up for now. I will probably visit MSU, Auburn, and Louisville too."

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