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The Ole Miss Rebels got what they were looking for today when Northwestern State rolled into town - a much-needed win. Read Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the 27-7 Ole Miss victory inside.

The following are Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's comments after his Rebels had defeated visiting Northwestern State University, 27-7, before an announced crowd of 47,712 in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

Coach O's Opening Statement: "Obviously, we are pleased with the win. After the first series, I thought we played pretty good defense. Northwestern came up with a couple of pretty good schemes that led to their first score. After that, we were fine. Their defense, at times, played very well against us, but I was glad my team fought and we got the win."

"We are looking forward to our open date. Our players and coaches will get some much-needed rest. We will take some time off, but we are also going to get ready for LSU and get healed up."

Q: Talk about the importance of getting a win.

Coach O: Well, it's good. It feels good to go into the dressing room after a win after coming close so many times. We kind of got over the hump there today. It was a battle for a little bit. We knew those guys were going to come in here and give us their best shot and we'd have to over come it. We did.

Q: What did your guys do on defense better after the first drive by Northwestern?

Coach O: We covered the vertical routes better. We ran a blitz on a couple of plays and they ran the tight end up the middle. We just didn't cover him. Next they ran a zone play and we got cut out of our gaps and they hit a big play. After that, we shut those things down. We didn't blitz much on first and second down, but on third down we blitzed a couple of times. That was about it.

Q: Talk about Josh Shene's 52-yard field goal.

Coach O: That's part of our team that is really improved. To have a field goal kicker who can go out there and make kicks after what happened to us last year is fantastic. Plus, we have him for three more years.

Q: BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Bruce Hall combined for 201 yards rushing.

Coach O: They are a good 1-2 punch. Bruce gives BenJarvus a rest. I'm really pleased with the way Bruce is progressing. We tried to get Mico (McSwain) involved at wide receiver today. Obviously his speed will be an asset there, but I think he will be able to do it with more practice. I was pleased with the play of Mike Wallace today and our ability to throw the deep ball.

Q: Did Brent Schaeffer get more pressure than you thought he would today?

Coach O: We knew their DL was pretty good. Tory Collins (#51) will probably go to the NFL. They have a couple of good players up front. They also hit us with a couple of good blitzes. I know those coaches and they do a really good job of coaching their team.

Q: How was it playing against your alma mater?

Coach O: It was good to see those guys before the game, but when the game starts, it doesn't matter who we are going against. All that goes out the window. It was good to see everyone - guys I have not seen in a long time. It was also to see the three guys who transferred from here playing and doing well. I hope they get their education, which is most important, so I am happy for their families.

Q: Talk about Peria Jerry playing.

Coach O: He made a couple of good plays. He missed a sack, but showed his quickness. It seems like he's getting better, but it's still a nagging injury. He needs some time off. We are going to need him in the future inside, but hopefully we can go recruit a couple of players who can play inside. We are going to miss Patrick (Willis) so we have to replace him with some great players on the DL and a good middle linebacker. By the way, I thought Patrick had another excellent game.

Q: How did Jamarca Sanford do in his second game at SLB?

Coach O: Very well. We were able to play a lot of man coverage and we didn't get beat on the corner as much as we have. That gave us an opportunity to stack the box and still play man. All the linebackers did a good job.

Q: How is Rory Johnson doing?

Coach O: He's doing great. He's a good fotoball player - he's quick, strong and more comfortable in the defense now. Rory improved a lot this week. I see him buying into the program and doing a lot better job for us.

Q: What brought on the 200-yard rushing day by BJGE and Bruce?

Coach O: It was a combination of blocking. You know how I feel about Art Kehoe and the OL - they are the most improved part of our team, but those are two good backs too. We just need to keep giving them the ball and they will get their yards. We had a good scheme against their defense and did a good job.

Q: It appeared your secondary made more plays today. Your thoughts?

Coach O: It was good to see. I hope that's a show of improvement because we are going to be challenged with the tall, fast receivers LSU has.

Q; How important was the score before half that made the score 17-7 instead of 10-7 at half?

Coach O: We needed it. The defense needed a break right there and it was good to see the offense punch it on in. It was also good to see for the second week in a row we scored on our first ofensive possession. It gave us a little breathing room on defense.

Q: Is there anything you can tell us about Andrew Wicker or Greg Hardy?

Coach O: It looked like Andrew was holding his shoulder. We'll see. Greg has a nagging injury.

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