Rebels eye Indianapolis trio

Jeff Boyd (DT, Indianapolis, IN) - It is not everyday that you see prospects from the state of Indiana on Ole Miss' radar, but this year the Rebels are trying to pluck three from the state's top program.

Warren Central is the "South Panola" from the state of Indiana. They have won three consecutive state championships and currently stand 12-0 in Indiana's largest classification, Class 5A.

They are currently ranked #6 in the country by USA Today and are entering the fourth round of the playoffs this Friday.

Warren Central is always loaded with talent and this year is no different.

Four nationally ranked prospects from their squad are DT Jeff Boyd, WR Adrien Robinson, S Jerimy Finch, and RB Darren Evans. The Rebels are recruiting Jeff, Adrien, and Darren.

The head coach from Warren Central, Steve Tutsie, believes the leader for his defensive line will make an impact on the next level.

"Jeff Boyd is only going to get better," stated Tutsie. "He will get on the training table and improve his body in college. He works hard now, but his best football is ahead of him. If you look at Jeff during the first six weeks of our season last year, you could see the light just did not click. But the last six games of the season, he was the best defensive tackle I saw. Now nobody can block him. He is by far the best defensive lineman in our state this year."

The 6' 3", 280 pounder has 40 tackles, 20 assists, 10 sacks, 20 QB hurries, 2 forced fumbles, and 4 recovered fumbles for the season.

What does Jeff think about his play this year?

"I feel I have had an alright season. Before anybody knew who I was, I was getting all of those one on ones. But now, I am getting doubled and tripled teamed all of the time. And what makes it so hard is that they run away from me all of the time. But when they do come my way, I kill them," stated Jeff Boyd.

Boyd has seen some improvements in his game this season.

"I feel like this year I put more power into my game. My speed and agility are allowing me to become more of a sideline to sideline player. My lateral quickness is where I have improved the most. I have also put more heart into it."

Jeff has three schools he knows he will take official visits with after his season is over.

"I am taking one to Ole Miss (December 8-10) with my teammate, Adrien Robinson. I am going to Michigan sometime in January, and West Virginia told me to come when ever I want to. They know I am focusing on winning a state title, but I will visit them for sure. We really want to go undefeated and win this thing. I am trying to get the team to understand the task we have. I will wait until after the season is over to get all of the dates straight. I have to schedule around the ACT too. I just have not spent a whole lot of time thinking about it."

Boyd has numerous colleges to selected from.

"I have offers from Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Colorado, Michigan State, North Carolina, Mississippi State, and Arkansas. There are some more that I have left off; I just can not think of them."

Which colleges are staying in weekly phone contact with Boyd?

"All of them (who have offered me), really. Michigan has also been calling me, but they have not offered me yet. But I get a call every week from everybody."

Who is coming after Jeff the hardest?

"Indiana, of course. And West Virginia. I mean, they all come after me the same way. They all call me once a week and write a whole bunch. Me and Coach Johns from West Virginia have a good relationship. And me and the Illinois coach are cool. And Indiana, you know that is my home town, so you know they are going to come after me real hard."

With three official visits already known; who will receive the last two?

"Louisville and Kentucky."

When did Ole Miss enter the picture?

"I do not know the whole story. They just started calling when our season started, and once they started, they never let up. Coach (Freeze) told me he was going to come to our game Friday. They want to bring me in for an official visit, and I am going to go check out things with Adrien."

What got Boyd interested in Ole Miss?

"They are in the SEC. I want to play in the SEC or Big 10. They have all of the talent. The Big 10; they hit hard, and the SEC has all of the speed. I have watched some of Ole Miss' games this year, and they play real fast. I like how their defense plays."

What will be the main factors for Jeff when it comes decision time.

"Well, I am looking for a place where I will not feel any pressure. I just want to play my game, and do what I am good at doing, making plays."

Boyd stated that he carries a 2.4 GPA and needs 7 more units on the ACT test.

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