Monday Press Conference -

With 10 straight weeks of preparation and playing games behind them, Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron intends to give the Rebel players a little time off this week, but coaches' work is never done. The Rebel staff will recruit this weekend. Read his Monday press conference inside.

The following is Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's Monday press conference during the needed open week the Rebs are in this week.

Coach O's Opening Statement: "After watching the film of the Northwestern State game, we are really pleased with the play of Joshua Shene, for sure. Bruce Hall, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Mike Wallace and Robert Hough all did nice jobs. Hough had another real fine day and is giving us a lot of great effort in blocking. We also continue to be pleased with the progress of Maurice Miller at tackle. He's becoming a pretty good OL and is trying very hard.

"On defense, obviously, Rory Johnson and Patrick Willis continue to play well for us. We also got some improved play at Sam LB from Jamarca Sanford. We were disappointed in NW State scoring on their first drive, but after that I felt we played good defense.

"We are pleased to get an open date. We are going to watch film today then practice Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we are going to let the guys have the weekend off while we, as a staff, go out recruiting."

Q: What will it mean to get an open week after 10 straight weeks of playing?

Coach O: It willb e good for them. We need the time off to rest and come back energized for a strong finish. That will be our goal - to have a very strong finish. They need the time off, they need the time in the classroom and they need time off to go home and see their parents.

Q: What will be the recruiting focus?

Coach O: This will be a good week to go see junior college players and it's a week I can finally go out. I will be out Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will hit as many schools as I can.

Q: Update the progress of DE Viciente DeLoach.

Coach O: He's doing a fantastic job for us. He has played well at the LEO position, a position he had never played before. We hope for him to finish the season strong. He's been a pleasant surprise for us when we needed him to be.

Q: Talk more about Mo Miller.

Coach O: I think he benched 440 in the weight room this summer. His workouts have really helped him control his body weight. His maturity level is better. Mo is athletic and he's done a good job of handling the speed of the game and moving outside. I have to give a lot of credit to Coach Art Kehoe. He has the ability to connect with different guys on the OL and get the most out of them. It's evident his coaching style has enabled him to mold a cohesive unit. A lot of coaches prepare their guys in a way that they are ready when their number is called. Coach Kehoe is like that. We've had some injuries this year, but guys have stepped up and you can't really tell a difference. That's the mark of a great coach.

Q: Which players will benefit most of the time of?

Coach O: All of them will. The young players will probably benefit the most, but the guys playing most of the snaps with nagging injuries need it too.

Q: What about Dexter McCluster and his possible return?

Coach O: He was lifting weights this morning. We are going to see how the week goes, but hopefully he will be back for LSU. It would be a great game for him to come back on.

Q: When do you start gameplanning for LSU?

Coach O: We already have started. The film is already broken down - we did that yesterday.

Q: What about down time for the coaches?

Coach O: We won't have much down time. We need to get after it. Coaches don't need rest. We need to finish strong and recruiting this week is part of that equation.

Q: Talk about the progress of C Corey Actis.

Coach O: I'm really pleased with Corey. His toughness and attitude is what we were hoping for. It was a great challenge for him to play against the NT from Auburn. That kid was strong and well-coached and Corey had a fantastic game against him. That was a breakout game for him. To be able to have a center who can snap, step and single-block the NTs in this league is a key to your offense. That's one of the most improved parts of our team this year. His attitude has been fantastic. His father is a line coach and kind of a tough guy from Fresno and he was here this past weekend. I met with him Sunday and told him I was pleased with Corey's progress.

Q: What does it mean to the offensive line to have a possible 1,000-yard rusher in BenJarvus Green-Ellis?

Coach O: It means they are happy to see Ben get on the bus every Saturday. Really, it means a lot to them. It's a matter of pride for them to have a running back succeeding behind their blocks. It means a lot to them.

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