Elgin Bailey tours two Magnolia schools

Elgin Bailey (PF, Baton Rouge, LA) - One of Louisiana's top prospects was put on the shelf for half of last season due to a transfer ruling, but once on the court, Elgin lived up to his reputation. Bailey averaged 21 points and 15 rebounds a game.

College recruiters took notice as offers came in from Ole Miss, Miami, USC, UNLV, LSU, Oklahoma, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, and Arizona.

This summer, Elgin had to sit out the AAU circuit as he broke a bone in his left foot and had to have a screw placed in it. How is the injury healing?

"It is coming good. I have been going through therapy trying to strengthen it back up. I feel about 70% back," stated Elgin Bailey.

Has Elgin been cleared to play?

"Yes, I am already back practicing."

Elgin had a chance to tour a couple of the schools in the Magnolia state this fall.

"I went to Ole Miss' Elite camp this summer. I did not get to play in the games or anything because of my foot, but it gave me a chance to meet their staff face to face. Coach (Owen) Miller introduced me around, and everybody seemed real down to earth. Coach (Andy) Kennedy was real cool too. He is a good coach. I like his personality. He seemed like a good coach to play for, and I like his offensive style. They play real uptempo there. I decided to bring my AAU coach back to Ole Miss a few weeks ago (for the Georgia game) just so he could get a feel for it. He liked it too. Everything is straight up there. Then like two weekends ago, I went over to MSU with my (AAU) coach. They had been calling me a bunch and really wanted me to come over there to meet them. I did, and I had a good time. They play a good style of ball too. They might not be quite as uptempo as Ole Miss, but they like to push it. And their head coach is real cool too. I like his personality. All the coaches I talked to were real cool."

The NCAA rules state that a student/athlete must have a recorded ACT/SAT score taking an official visit. Bailey just took his first test this past Saturday.

"To be honest, I am still just thinking about finishing high school out first. I have not even set up any visits. I will probably sign in the late signing period anyway. I just want to concentrate on my school first."

Bailey did have a quick answer when asked which colleges were coming after him the hardest.

"The same ones, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Missouri. They are really all about the same."

When asked what he liked about each school, Elgin had a simple answer.

"I like those four schools because of the personality of their coaches. I think they are all cool."

What will Elgin look for when he is trying to make a decision on a college to attend?

"I am looking for a good program that fits me. What and when can I play, and how their pace of game is. I like to run, fast paced."

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