Missouri tight end offered by Rebels

Chris Owens (TE, Florissant, MO) - One of the top players in the St. Louis area was offered by Ole Miss recently and has set up an official visit with the Rebels for December 8-10.

The 6' 4", 235 pound tight end was named 2nd Team All-State by the Missouri Coaches Association as a junior. He was also named 1st Team All-Conference.

How is Chris' senior campaign going?

"We are 9-1. We just finished with our regular season. We ply CBC in the 1st round Friday."

What are his stats for the season?

"I have 15 catches for 320 yards and 4 TD's."

What makes Owens a good tight end prospect?

"I run well, and I catch the ball well. I am a good pass blocker, and I think I block pretty good on the run."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting Chris?

"Ole Miss, Louisville, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri."

Any offers?

"Ole Miss offered me the other day. That is about it so far."

When did Chris start hearing from Ole Miss?

"Like right before the season started."

Has Owens set up his official visits?

"I set up one to Ole Miss for December 8-10, and I set one up for Minnesota for December 1-3. I am in the process of getting one set up with Iowa."

Ole Miss had one a Top 15 recruiting class last season and are off to another fast start; this is having an impact with Chris.

"They have a good young team. They have some good players coming in, and I know they brought in a lot of good players last year. They are going to be a team on the rise the next few years. And I also like the overall tradition of Ole Miss."

Minnesota's has sent quite a few players to the pros the past several years and Owens has taken notice.

"They have a lot of good players coming out of there. I also like their city, and they have good academics."

Where does Chris stand academically?

"I have a 2.8 GPA, and I just took the ACT test a week ago."

Iowa has been a program on the rise for the last several years, and this has caught Chris' eye.

"They go to bowl games year in and year out. They have good fans. It is a nice town, a close niche college town."

With three official visits already known; who will receive the last two visits?

"Louisville and Missouri."

Coach Patrino has made Louisville one of the top offenses in the country.

"They have a real good offense. I like how they play offense. They also have a nice team. They are #3 in the country."

Missouri runs the spread offense and Owens is attracted to this style of play.

"They have two of the best TE's in the country. They pass a lot to their TE's out of the spread offense. That is what I like about them."

Out of the main colleges who are recruiting Chris; which ones keep in weekly phone contact?

"Ole Miss, Minnesota and Iowa mostly."

What will Owens consider when it comes decision time?

"I want to play for a good staff and a close niche team. They have to have a good core of players too. I want to win when I get there."

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