Practice Report: Tuesday

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron said Monday the Rebs would work out twice this week and then would "get some rest" over the weekend. How did today's practice go? Read about it inside.

"We had a good practice today. We looked at LSU's stuff - their formations, their plays - and worked on fundamental things with the team. As a staff, we're getting some recruiting things lined up and organized," said Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron after Tuesday's practice.

His team worked in shells today in the Indoor Practice Facility due to rainy, wet conditions in Oxford.

"We did some self-scouting today as well. In the open week, you do a little bit of everything. Work on what you are doing, work on the next opponent and take care of some staff/recruiting business," Orgeron noted. "The practice today was a regular practice. We don't rest anybody. They will get their rest this weekend. It was a pretty typical Tuesday practice, as if we were playing this weekend."

The Rebel staff will put the team through a regular practice tomorrow and then most of the coaches will hit the road recruiting.

Coach O is known for his recruiting prowess and production, so the post-pratice meeting with the media drifted in that direction.

Orgeron was asked if it is more difficult to get a prospect who lives close to campus to stay at home versus drawing someone here from a distant town/area/city.

"I don't think there is much difference. To me, every recruit is an individual with individual needs. It's hard to make a blanket statement like that," he noted. "Every prospect is an individual. Every family has different needs. You deal with different majors, different positions. It's all on an individual basis. That has been my experience."

What differences does Orgeron see in recruiting now versus when he first started recruiting two decades ago?

"There's more information out there and recruiting gets started earlier in the process. Those things have changed, but the basics are the same. You have to be prepared and outwork your opponent," he answered. "I don't think kids have changed, they just have more information."

Orgeron will be on the road this weekend. How many stops will he try to make?

"I will hit as many schools as possible in my three days. It's an evaluation period and I can't talk to kids, but I want to go to as many schools as possible. We've seen a lot of kids so far and will use the remaining three days we have to visit schools of the top players in the country," he said. "The next process will be home visits starting the Sunday after our last game. Then we'll start official visits. Things move quickly from there."

Back to the Tigers, what do they look like on film?

"LSU looks very good on film. They are very talented and very good on defense, allowing only 10 points a game. They have one of the best defenses in the nation," he closed. "They have talented wide receivers and they don't give the ball up much. They had some turnovers against Tennessee, but not many in other games."

The Rebs will practice tomorrow and then take a long weekend off.

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