Rebels eye juco defensive tackle

Jessie Bowman (DT, Copiah Lincoln CC, MS) - Copiah-Lincoln will march into the juco state championship game Saturday to face the defending champs, Pearl River CC.

What does Copiah's star defensive tackle think about this match up?

"In one word, tough. We know they have their eyes set on us because we are the only team who have beaten them, and they want a little something back," added the 6' 1", 305 pound Jessie Bowman.

Nobody expected Copiah-Lincoln to be in the position they are, but Bowman never doubted it for a minute.

"I know what kind of talent we have here because I practiced against them every day. We knew this summer we had a chance to have a special year, and we have, as long as we win Saturday. I am just glad that I get to leave here on a positive note. We were tired of losing around here."

Bowman has had a very solid campaign as he has totaled 64 tackles, 11 for losses, 3 forced fumbles, and 2 sacks for the season.

"I think I have improved a lot this year. This weight loss (down to 305 from 340) has really made a difference. I am more mobile. I can run longer and not get so tired so easily. My conditioning has really helped me become a complete player."

Mississippi State and Ole Miss have offered and recruited Bowman from the start of the recruiting process but a new team has entered the picture.

"Miami started calling me about three weeks ago. It is just an honor for them to recruit me."

Have the Hurricanes offered?

"No, but I think they are about to do something."

Has Jessie had a chance to set up his official visits?

"Not yet, I am just trying to finish my season right now. I will definitely visit MSU and Ole Miss and hopefully Miami too."

What stands out about Miami?

"Everything man, just everything. I can't lie, if they were to offer me, they would be hard to pass up."

What are Ole Miss' positives?

"I like Coach "O" (Orgeron). He is my type of coach, and coach (David) Saunders just does not give up at all. They do not take no for an answer. They just go out and get the big time players. If they see something they like; they do not stop. They just keep going until they get what they want."

Jessie signed with MSU out of high school and has several things he likes about the Dogs.

"I like coach Croom. He is straight forward and honest with me. He does not shoot the bull. I just like everything about MSU."

What will be important to Bowman when it comes decision time?

"The atmosphere. Are the players and coaches tight? I want to see who wants me on their team. I want to see who wants me the most."

Which colleges has Jessie had a chance to view?

"I have been all through MSU. I know pretty much everything there is to know about them. I have not had a chance to see Ole Miss yet because we have had a lot of Saturday games here, but I will get to check it out when I take my official visit there. "

When is Bowman expected to graduate?

"I am still working on December, but I know for sure I will get out in May if I do not get out in December.

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