Becoming a more mature player

David Rue (TE, Monroe, LA) - David has had some frustrating times since Hurricane Katrina.

First he had to leave St. Augustine in New Orleans and transfer to Richmond that is located in Monroe.

Then he had to deal with being the focal point for St. Augustine's offense, to bcoming more or less a "6th" blocker for Richmond.

David voiced his displeasure with his new role, but has learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

"I have worked on my attitude lately. I am trying to work as a team and not be so selfish. There are times I want the ball to make the play, but I have overcome those things. I just feel I am too big to not take advantage of the situation. But if it does not come my way, I will keep the same positive attitude as if I got 10 balls that game," added the more mature David Rue.

The 6' 5", 245 pound tight end has begun to get more involved in their offense.

"I have 9 catches and 4 TD's for over 180 yards in the past two games. I told them I could make the plays. They told me to stay patient, and I did. I guess patience is a virtue like they always say."

David committed to the Rebels early but reported to us the last time we spoke that he was not totally shutting the door on the competing schools. Does this still hold true?

"Yes, I am still committed (to Ole Miss), but I am keeping my options open at the same time."

Clemson offered David early and continues to make phone contact with Rue, but there is a new school that is now involved.

"Arkansas started calling recently. They said they wanted to keep in touch. They do not know if they are going to offer me a scholarship or not, but they said I am moving up their want list. They are coming to scout our next game."

Any official visits lined up?

"I am going to Ole Miss from December 1 - 3. That is it, so far."

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