Recruiting: FB Joey Razzano

Every year there are over 2,000 Division 1-A football prospects making their decisions about which colleges to sign with on National Signing Day. Some of those decisions are made for the right reasons such as a specific academic program that the prospect hopes to major in while others will use more frivolous criteria such as the availability of a specific jersey number to make their choice. Joey Razzano has narrowed his list to two colleges and the circumstances of his decision are unique.

"My father (Rick) played at Virginia Tech and it has always been my dream to play there, too," said Razzano. "On the other hand, my brother (Rick, Jr.) is playing at Ole Miss right now. I'm weighing it out between those two schools and it is a tough decision."

Razzano plays the fullback position like his brother. The two are very comparable in terms of size and style of play. Both stand around 5-foot-11 and weigh around 230 pounds while playing a physical brand of football. Their bloodlines are strong with a father who played professional football for seven years.

Last season, Razzano rushed for over 800 yards and 11 touchdowns. His highlight tape has moved other schools such as Boston College, Central Florida, Kansas, and Michigan State to also extend scholarship offers. The two finalists use the fullback in different ways and Razzano sees the difference.

"Ole Miss throws to their fullback more where as Virginia Tech uses the fullback more as a lead blocker," said Razzano. "But football is for tough people and I like running and blocking."

The other important difference is the weather. Razzano is a well-conditioned athlete but he has a strong preference in climate.

"It's real hot in Mississippi," said Razzano. "I don't like hot weather and that's a big key."

So, when will Razzano reach a decision?

"I'm not sure," said Razzano.

One thing is for sure. His decision won't hinge on the wrong reasons.

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