Florida OL looking Ole Miss' way

Branden Curry (RT, Lauderdale Lakes, FL) - It is no secret the Rebels are keeping a close eye on Boyd H Anderson's squad, especially among their offensive line.

We have already featured RG Kevin Bryant and LT Jaron Odom, today we are going to look at the third offensive lineman that Ole Miss is recruiting.

Branden Curry was measured in at 6' 6", 290 at the scout.com combine that was held in Boca Raton this past spring.

If there is one thing that stands out about Curry it is his pass blocking skills.

"I still have not allowed a sack this season. This is my second season without allowing a sack," added Branden Curry.

Curry has had the luxury of playing for an offensive line that has three high D1 prospects.

"It has been wonderful. We are all from Hollywood, but we go to Ft. Lauderdale to attend Boyd H Anderson. We car pool every morning. It is about a 30 minute drive for us, so we try to save some gas. We make a lot of sacrifices to be on this team. Kevin Bryant is a great run blocker. Jaron Odom is a combo; he is good and run and pass blocking. And I am a good pass blocker. We play to each other's strengths."

Has the trio talked about taking it together to the next level?

"We are going to try and make it happen. But if it does not go that way, I will wish everybody the best of luck. We are just trying to build up our program so the kids will want to go to Boyd H Anderson when they get older."

Which colleges is Curry looking at the hardest?

"I would say Pittsburgh, La Lafayette, Ole Miss, Florida State, Louisville, and I say Clemson too because they run a similar offense to ours."

And which colleges have offered Curry a scholarship?

"Pittsburgh, La Lafayette, FIU, and South Carolina."

Has Branden set up his official visits?

"I have already been to Pittsburgh (10/21). My next visit will probably be to La Lafayette. It depends if we make it to the state championship game or not, which hopefully we will. I am going to try and hold off until after the season is over and take them in January. South Carolina wants me and Josh Bynes to come up the second weekend of December, but like I said, we will still probably be in the playoffs, so I do not know yet."

Which college is coming after Branden the hardest?

"I say Pittsburgh. They call almost every day and I get two or three letters from them every day."

What are the Panther's positives?

"They have a smaller offensive line so they are looking for some bigger linemen. I like their facilities. They share a stadium with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I want to be a physical therapist too, and they have a great program and a great hospital district up there."

When did Curry become interested in Ole Miss?

"Every since Coach Kehoe left Miami and came to Ole Miss. Miami was recruiting me highly, but when Coach Kehoe left to Ole Miss, they quit recruiting me as hard, and Ole Miss started recruiting me really hard. I think highly of Coach Kehoe, and I want to go over there with my teammates to check it out.

Could a scholarship offer be coming soon from the Rebels?

"They have not offered me yet, but it is in the process, something should come out pretty soon."

What about FSU?

"I have liked FSU since I was young. I grew up liking FSU. They also need a lot of help on their offensive line."

Is FSU staying in phone contact with Branden?

"Yes, they call pretty much every week."

What are Louisville's positives?

"They throw the ball a lot, and I love pass blocking. I like a team that throws it a lot."

Does Louisville stay in phone contact?

"Yes they have."

Boyd H Anderson faces North Miami Beach Friday in the second round of the 6A playoffs.

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