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Ole Miss junior TE Robert Lane believes the Rebels got just what they needed last week - some time off from football after 13 straight weeks without a break. With fresh legs, the Rebs are preparing to take on LSU in Baton Rouge. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss junior TE Robert Lane is an avid outdoorsman.

When he pines for some relaxation, he goes hunting or fishing.

So it was not surprising when he and good friend Andrew Wicker loaded up their pickup and went bowhunting over the Rebs' open weekend.

"It's therapeutic for me," Lane said of being in the woods stalking wild game. "It gets your mind off everything else for a day or two, it relaxes you and it refreshes you."

So, how did the weekend go?

"We saw a lot of deer, but I didn't kill any. Wicker killed two. I had to put my guest on the deer," Lane smiled, downplaying the competition the two have in the woods. "I put him in all the good spots."

Now, it's back to business, the business of getting ready for LSU, but the hunting trip had its residual benefits.

"We needed the rest, especially the guys who have not missed any time. I missed two weeks with a knee injury and I was worn out. I'm sure the guys who have missed no time were exhausted," Robert stated. "I was able to rest my knee, which was good. Now we have our legs under us and we are ready to finish off the year on a high note."

Lane understands the Rebs have a formidable challenge in front of them with LSU. Lane and the Rebs will be hunting Tigers this weekend in a hostile territory.

"They're good. It's LSU. They are one of the top teams in the country. We know they are a good team - that's no surprise to us," he continued. "What we have to do is control the things we can on offense and, if we can, hopefully we'll pull out the win.

"Most SEC games are real close and come down to the end. We've been in three of those this year (Georgia, Alabama, Auburn) and haven't been able to get over the hump. Maybe this will be the one."

Robert believes the LSU defense is anchored by DT Glenn Dorsey and S LaRon Landry, but there are plenty of other good players out there with them.

"Landry is the QB of their defense and is a really good player. Dorsey is a good player too, but they all are," said Lane. "We are used to facing good players though.

"Two years ago, we went down there and had the lead in the fourth quarter. I played QB most of the game and we were in it all the way. I know what it's like to play in Tiger Stadium. I don't think it's that big a deal. We've played at Alabama, Arkansas and other big arenas before. We just have to go out there and do what we do and ignore the surroundings."

Not many Rebel players have the experience of having played in Tiger Stadium, however. What do Lane and those who have played there tell those without Death Valley memories to draw on?

"Basically, I will tell them to just block out everything and concentrate on what you have to do, like it's a practice with a lot of people watching," he said. "It does get loud there, and we have to prepare for that, but how we handle the environment is up to us. I think we can handle it fine."

The Tigers, Lane noted, are not real complicated on defense.

"It's just 11 people on the other side of the ball and they can only line up in so many looks. I think Coach (Dan) Werner and Coach (Kehoe) know exactly what they want to do against them. It's up to us to go our there and execute the gameplan," Lane said.

Last year, the Tigers plowed the Rebels 40-7 in Oxford. Lane said that game has no bearing on this year.

"We have so many different people and coaches on offense that there is no way to compare. Last year was embarrassing to us and we intend to perform better than we did last year, but it all comes back to us," he assessed. "Hopefully, we will do a better job and take care of business this year."

Finishing strong in the last two games is important to Robert and the Rebs.

"This year has not been what we wanted it to be, but we still hve an opportunity to finish strong and to ge the ball rolling toward better things next year," Lane said. "That would help recruiting and help our confidence for next year. It will motivate us even more in the offseason.

"It's vital for us to finish on a good note. We need to get better as a football team. Even if we don't win out, we at least need to get better."

There is a difference between last year at this time and this year, he said.

"We didn't quit last year, but it may have looked like we did. We went through some really tough times last year and we finished with a thud - there's no denying that," he closed. "What we have to do is make sure we lay it all on the line and leave the last two games knowing we did all we could."

Lane will be spending a lot of time hunting after the Egg Bowl.

He did the same last year when he was contemplating transferring to another school to finish out his career.

This time, he's hoping for a "worry free" offseason. The way to accomplish that is to win the last two games.

This time, after the season concludes, he wants his biggest worry to be bagging more deer than Wicker.

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