Woodney Turenne has four on his mind

Woodny Turenne (CB, College of Sequoias, CA) - Why do some claim that Woodny is the fastest defensive back in the country?

He won the 2006 (Junior College) California 100 meters race and was second in the 200 meters. Turenne also won the '04 and '05 100 meters race in Florida when he was in high school.

Is there much more to say?

Yes, the young man is also a legit 6' 1", which is very unusual for a "speed" guy, as they are normally in the 5' 8" to 5' 10" range.

It is no wonder Woodny is widely considering the most wanted junior college cornerback in the country.

Who are the top schools for this talented youngster?

"It really is the same ones, you know, Florida, USC, Ole Miss, and Louisville is in there now, " added Woodny Turenne

When did the Cards enter the picture?

"A couple of months ago they started recruiting me pretty hard. I have been watching them a lot on TV. They have a good team."

Turenne took an official visit to Florida back in September and some insiders believe the Gators have the inside track. True of false?

"I feel the same about all of the schools so far. They have a good team and a winning record with a chance to do some things. But they are not ahead of anybody else. Those four schools are all even with me."

And USC?

"I do not really know too much about them until I take a visit."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"I just like the way they recruit me. I do not know much about their school either because I have never visited, but I plan on taking an (official) visit there soon."

Has Turenne set up his official visits?

"I am going to do that after we play in our bowl game Saturday. We play in the Bulldog bowl this weekend."

What are Woodny's stats for the season?

"The only thing I know is that I have 3 picks and 15 pass breakups."

What makes Turenne so special?

"I just cover man on man and go against great receivers in practice from my team."

One of those receivers that he covers every day in practice is 5 Star A.J. Jackson. Could Jackson's commitment and having his old teammate QB Brent Schaeffer at Ole Miss effect Woodny's decision?

"We would all love to keep playing together, but we all have to do what is best for us. If it is in the cards that it is Ole Miss, then that would be great. But if it is not, then we can just keep up with each other by phone."

Who is showing Turenne the most love?

"All of the schools are pretty much about the same."

Woodny is scheduled to graduate in May.

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