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Once again, the Rebs came close-and-almost only to fall in overtime on the road. This time, LSU scored with 14 seconds left to tie the score and go on to win in overtime, 23-20. Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron answered questions after the contest.

The following is Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's postgame press conference after LSU escaped with a 23-20 overtime win over the Rebels in Baton Rouge last night.

Coach O's Opening Comments: "We came down here to win the football game and felt our gameplanning and attitude were geared to win the game. We took our shots to beat a very talented team. In some ways, we are proud of our football team, but in other ways we are very, very disappointed that we didn't find a way to win the game in the fourth quarter.

"We competed, we pulled out some stops with a fake punt and an onside kick and a blocked extra point. We did a lot of things that show improvement in our program over last year when LSU manhandled us in Oxford. But there is no way we are satisfied with coming here and taking this game to overtime. We have to find a way, I have to find a way, to win that football game. I feel bad for my young men. They played their hearts out. I feel bad for our fans. We came here to win the game and didn't get it done for them. We have to get better.

"We will forget about this one quickly because Mississippi State is coming to our house and we have to be prepared for them. We will get ready."

Q: Talk about your being able to put pressure on JaMarcus Russell throughout most of the game.

Coach O: Having Peria Jerry and Jeremy Garrett back on the DL helped a lot. I felt we could rush him. We changed a couple of techniques and put in a couple of new blitzes for this game. I wish we could have gotten him down one more time, but we did apply better pressure tonight.

Q: You called timeout before the blocked extra point that forced the game to go into overtime. Talk about that.

Coach O: We wanted to make sure we had everything lined up right. We had a couple of guys we substituted that usually don't play on the field goal block team. Michael Oher and John Jerry, who blocked the kick. We put in a special block for this week and it worked.

Q: Talk about taking out Brent Schaeffer and putting Seth Adams in at quarterback.

Coach O: We wanted to give Seth a chance. We felt we were stalling a little bit in the Red Zone and that we should have made some plays down there. I wanted to give Seth a try. We were stalling again, so we put Brent back in for overtime. We wanted to try to jump start our offense, but obviously it didn't work.

Q: What about the game Marshay Green had in the return game?

Coach O: I'm really proud for him and I'm proud for Coach (Frank) Wilson who handles a lot of our return game. We looked at the game last year and our kickoff return unit was embarrassed. We thought we could improve that and we did. I'm proud of Marshay. I think he had two returns in the high school all-star game here, so this is a good stadium for him. All our guys fought in every phase of the game, including the return game, and they really felt they were going to win this game.

Q: How hard a loss is this?

Coach O: It's tough, but these guys bounce back. Our program is one day at a time, one week at a time. We will deal with this and move on to the next game. I don't believe it will be hard to get my team up for Mississippi State after last year when we went to Starkville and got beat.

Q: In OT, LSU blitzed on third down and got to Brent, forcing a fumble. Can you take me through that play?

Coach O: LSU had good pressure. They have a tremendously talented defense and they picked an opportune time to finally get to us. I wish Brent hadn't fumbled, but they were all over him.

Q: Can you tell us what LSU did in the last nine minutes offensively to have some success?

Coach O: They went with four wides and went to the strength of their team - their receivers. We went to a three-man line and that didn't work. We went with a four-man line and we got some pressure, but not quite enough. It went down to the last play when they scored on fourth down with 14 seconds to go. Dwayne Bowe, a great player, made the big play. One area we have been concerned with is our defensive backs and eventually they got the best of us with their talented wide receivers.

Q: Prior to tonight's extra point, had John Jerry ever played on the field goal block team?

Coach O: No, this was the first time. We just had a hunch. We worked on the block this week. We call it "Sky." It was something we have in our arsenal and we hadn't used it yet. We put it in and it worked.

Q: Talk about BenJarvus Green-Ellis and his 96 yards rushing.

Coach O: A good effort, but we needed to make that first down at the end. I'm proud of him. He wanted the ball and played very hard, but when we needed the first down, we did not get it, as a team.

Q: You said before the game the team was ready. What were the signals that led you to believe that?

Coach O: We had a good open date week and I just have a good feeling about what's going on with the chemistry on my football team. We have the will to win and compete. We are coming together as a team and practice hard. We are a little short in a couple of areas, which I intend to improve with recruiting. I really feel we are going to build a very good team at Ole Miss.

Q: How much did the open week help?

Coach O: A lot. We were rested and ready to go this week.

Q: Why did you choose to pressure Russell rather than put more guys in coverage?

Coach O: We saw something on film where we felt we had some good matchups and could get to him. We have Rory Johnson and Patrick Willis, who are very good, and we felt they could get after JaMarcus. We didn't feel we could rush him all day with four men, so we sent Patrick and Rory some of the time. We needed strong guys to rush him and they are two of our strongest. He's a big guy and you have to take him down with authority.

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