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Forget the Rebs being a four-touchdown underdog. They didn't believe it going into the LSU game and they don't believe it now after taking the Tigers into overtime before falling 23-20. Read about it inside.

The following are player and coaches quotes after the 23-20 overtime loss to LSU in Baton Rouge last night.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On the game) We controlled our destiny tonight and didn't get it done at the end. We were one play short. We're disappointed, but right now we have to put all our focus and energy the next six days into getting ready for Mississippi State. (On the OL) I was proud of them. We had some creases and holes tonight against a very good LSU defensive line, but, again, we came up short, so nobody is real happy with their effort right now. (On the LSU defense) It really wasn't about them tonight. We didn't execute late in the game and that was the difference. It wasn't what they did, it was what we didn't do. (On the momemtum) We held it most of the game and then they got it late, but the blocked extra point to put the game in overtime evened it out. They just got the best of us in overtime.

QB Seth Adams: (On playing as much as he did) The coaches told me to be ready. I was prepared and I played as hard as I could. I felt good out there. I was a little nervous at first, but then I settled down and it was just football. (On the LSU defense) They turned up the heat in the fourth quarter. We just weren't able to get the first downs at the end. We were trying to milk the clock and we battled hard, but it didn't work out in the end. We played well for most of the game, but we were just a little short.

Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner: (On switching QBs) Seth was ready and we felt we had the right time to get him in there. In the overtime we came back with Brent (Schaeffer) because LSU started loading the box late in the game and we thought we might be able to get him outside in the open field. (On the running game) We had it going early on, but in the second half they were putting eight and nine men in the box. They were stuffing us. We had a nice lead and I was trying to keep the clock rolling and trying to keep from giving them anything cheap. I thought we could keep the chains moving and get out of here with a win, but we were one first down short. We didn't get it done. We felt we could run it, but we just didn't get enough first downs at the end. (On the final offensive play when Schaeffer fumbled in overtime on third down) LSU brought seven guys and we didn't get them blocked. It was a straight dropback and we couldn't get it off in time. (On the outcome) Our guys came in here to win, but we've had this same conversation three or four times this year. We've played four games this year against teams that were supposed to whip us badly and they didn't. Anyone who watched the game tonight would say we are as good as LSU, but we did not finish the game off - again. It's happened four times this year. We had them right where we wanted them and didn't finish it. Hopefully we will learn from these and get to where we can finish them off.

OG Andrew Wicker: (On the game) I'm really proud of this team. I hate this is my senior year because this team is getting better by the minute and they are going to do something special. I just wish I was going to be here with them. (On the outcome) Very disheartening. We just didn't get it done. I give so much credit to our coaches for putting us in a position to win and what can you say about Marshay Green, who gave us great field position all night with his returns? He gave us the ability to win, but we fell one play short. (On when he sensed the Rebs would play well) A year ago. To the day. We got embarrassed by them at our place last year and that one has stuck in my throat ever since. We took that to heart. This has always been a heated rivalry and they didn't get our best last year. We wanted them to get our best this year and they did. This year, they came out on top, but there was only one play difference in the outcome. (On the flow of the game) We had two or three key penalties late in the game. Other than that, I thought we dominated them pretty much the whole night. Give them credit on the last two possessions - they did what they had to do, but we deserve some blame for not meeting that late challenge they threw at us. (On the running game) We had a real good gameplan going in and we played our hearts out. We were able to give BenJarvus a little room and he made the most of it.

OL Coach Art Kehoe: (On the game) It's frustrating because it was there for us to take and we didn't do it. It's not horseshoes. You have to win. It's a shame, man, because we didn't do a good job in overtime and we broke down a little in the fourth quarter. It's a shame because our kids prepared hard and practiced hard. We were ready for them and didn't get it done. (On the return game) Coach (Frank) Wilson did a great job in the return game tonight. He set Marshay up to get big returns and those were major plays. We almost went to the house twice on returns. We did a lot of good things tonight. These kids worked their butts off and they were so into it. I'm proud of them, but you have to win games. We have to start winning these close ones. (On the team being into the game) Coach O did an unbelievable job in the open week of preparing them mentally but letting them get rested and fresh. Monday's practice was the best practice we had all year. I told Dan (Werner) before the game that I didn't know what was going to happen, but we were going to play our tails off. I knew that for sure. We knew LSU was good. We had them down, but we didn't strangle them. We let them get off the mat and then they showed their mettle.

TE Coach Hugh Freeze: (On the return game) Coach Wilson did a beautiful job on the design of the return game. We knew we had to win special teams and we did. (On the fake punt, onside kick) I'm in charge of that and they worked except for one - a fake punt where we didn't block a guy who should have been accounted for. (On the fourth quarter) They started putting eight and nine in the box and shut our run game down somewhat. With our defense playing well, we were being conservative, which I agreed with. We had our chances. We missed a field goal, we didn't quite make a key first down late. One play changes the game. We make the first field goal we tried and it's a different game. LSU got the momentum and started playing a little harder late and we didn't respond well in some situations.

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