Bayou athlete receiving big time interest

Lionel Breaux (WR/CB, New Orleans, LA) - Recruiting started off kind of slow for the defending 200 meter state champion.

"We had to move around several times due to Hurricane Katrina, stated Lionel Breaux. "It was kind of hard to find me."

But after being namedDistrict 9(4A) MVP and amassing over 1, 100 yards receiving (33 receptions) and 13 TD's his senior season, recruiters from across the country are knocking on the door.

"I have written scholarship offers from LSU, Texas, and Arkansas right now, and I have set up an official visit with Ole Miss for December 1-3. I am in talks with setting up visits with Arkansas, Miami, Florida State, and Georgia. Our season ended Friday night. I told them I would get them lined up after I knew what dates I would be free."

What improvements did Breaux make this season?

"Route running. I am a better all around player because I did a little bit of everything better. I worked harder, and that turned my game around a whole lot by working on my work ethic."

The McDonald 35 product stated three colleges are recruiting him the hardest.

"Georgia, Ole Miss, and Miami are calling the most and tell me they need me the most. It is kind of weird, because none of those schools have offered me yet and LSU, Texas, and Arkansas have, but they do not take it to the level that Georgia, Ole Miss, and Miami do."

Lionel's brother, Delvin Breaux, is committed to LSU. Does that give the Tigers the edge?

"No, we both have to do what is best for us. If it happens to be LSU, then that would be even better, but I am not going to LSU because he is. And I know he is not going to choose a school that I want to go to just because of me. But like I said, it would be gravy if the same school happened to be the best fit for both of us."

Having said that, the Tigers are still among Lionel's favorites.

"My top schools are Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Miami, and Georgia."

What stands out about Ole Miss?

"They are just a young team, and I figure growing up with a young team will be better for me. That way I will be a part of the growth from start to finish. It makes you feel like you are a part of a maturing process. I went down there this summer too, and I just like how quiet the city and campus are. You do not have to worry about crime, partying, and all the things that distract you from your academics. And I loved their academic set up too. They do a good job of insuring you getting a degree."

School is an afterthought for a lot of student athletes but this 3.8 Core GPA / 24 ACT student truly is concerned about his education.

"I want to be a lawyer some day, and I can straight up tell you that academics will be the first thing I look at when I am deciding on a college. I want to get my degree and I want it to mean something. Football is secondary to me."

When discussing his home state Tigers; it is obvious that location could play a role.

"It is just so close to home. Their academics are ok, not like Ole Miss', but they have a good set up. They throw the ball a reasonable amount of times."

It just so happens that two of his favorites, LSU and Ole Miss, squared off Saturday night.

"I could not go to the game because I was so sore from the game Friday. But I watched the replay on Sunday, and I could see how tough Ole Miss is and they are so young. I can see the future in them. And LSU, they showed a lot of character to come back and win a game they really should have lost. That is what makes good teams; winning games you should lose."

The Hogs have had a remarkable run this season and this has caught the attention of Breaux.

"They are not too far away from home either, and I have always liked Arkansas since I was a kid. I did not know much about them, but I just always liked them. They have a good young team and QB. I know I could grow with their QB if I went there."

Miami has historically been a factor with the New Orleans recruits and this year is no different.

"I like their history and winning program. I know a few guys from around here who went there. They loved it down there. I know their program is going down, but I figure I can help turn it around."

What has Lionel interested in Georgia?

"They are not too far from home, and they are pretty young too. Plus, with their track situation, I could do both. They are just showing me a lot of interest, a whole lot. I get something in the mail from them every day, and they call me at least once a day."

Who else is giving Breaux a chance to run track and sign a football scholarship?

"Ole Miss. They think it would help me with my footwork if I ran track."

Texas extended a scholarship offer but have they been in talks for setting up an official visit?

"Actually, they have been calling me wanting to set up a visit. I just told them that I was not going to set anything up until after my season is over. I am still interested in Texas. They have a great young team too."

Are there anymore colleges who are showing Breaux serious interest who have not been mentioned?

"Florida calls a lot. They want me to come in for a visit too. They said I should be getting an offer in the mail any day"

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