Ole Miss recruit becoming a hot commodity

Alex Williams made the preseason Top 100 national team by scout.com and committed to the University of Mississippi last February.

Alex Williams had to sit out of football his junior season due to Hurricane Katrina shutting down his high school. He attended the French Colony in New Orleans which did not participant in football and played basketball instead.

Many college recruiters wanted to sit back and evaluate the 6' 6", 300 pounder's senior season, and so far, it looks like Alex has lived up to his preseason billing.

"When I evaluate him on a weekly basis, it just blows my mind what he has done. He only had one bad game, and he graded out a C- in that game. His lowest grade, besides that game, was a B+," added O. Perry Walker's head coach, Skip.

"Alex had a great season. We ran behind him almost exclusively. We rushed for almost 2, 300 yards and he was the main reason. He did what we expected him to do. Right now, we are trying to see if he is going to play basketball or get in the weight room. He knows he needs to get stronger if he is going to start next season at Ole Miss. He is lifting 185 twenty five times now, but he is mentally tough. I know Coach Orgeron has a plan for him to get there for the first summer session. I think Alex will make All-State when the team is announced, at least he should."

How close is Alex to qualifying?

"He took the ACT test last month, and he should get it in any day. Right now, he needs a 17. By the end of the school year, he will only need a 15 or a 16, but we are shooting for a much higher score than that. He will be all right. I have only had one kid who has not qualified in the five years I have been here. And that kid came in from Texas during his senior year. He missed the ACT test by one point only because he took it in June and did not have anymore chances to take it. I get my kids to start taking the test early."

Although Williams committed to the Rebels early, that has not stopped other colleges from recruiting the young man.

"Coach Kevin Sumlin from Oklahoma called today and offered the kid. Coach McCale, the offensive line coach from FSU, called Friday and told him his offer was still good, and they wanted to bring him in for an official visit. Coach Pannunzio from Miami also called and told him his offer was good and wanted to bring him in for an official visits. But he is still solid with his commitment to Ole Miss. I asked him he was going to take any visits, and he said he did not think so. Alex is dead set on going to Ole Miss next year, but like all kids, I think they enjoy the recruiting attention."

Alex had a chance to watch the Ole Miss/LSU game and came away very impressed with the Rebs showing.

"He was in the middle of the LSU recruits rooting for Ole Miss (laugh). He didn't care. Alex said Ole Miss played like we do; with a lot of passion and fire. I said what do you expect, Coach Frank (Wilson) coaches for them (Ole Miss). I even told Alex when they gathered in the huddle that they were about to onside the kick and they did. He was like, coach, how did you know that. I told him that Frank is my boy, and I know everything he is going to do before he even does it. But Alex was really impressed with how Ole Miss played. Once their offense catches up with their defense, they are going to be hell. LSU's experience won out in the end, but Ole Miss is going to be one to be reckon with for years to come. Alex wants to be a part of the ride."

Williams will take an offiicial visit with Ole Miss on December 1 - 3.

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