Drake Nevis earns Metro MVP in Big Easy

Drake Nevis (DT, Marrero, LA) - How is this for a season for a defensive tackle?

110 tackles, 35 tackles for losses, 11 sacks, 25 QB hurries, 8 forced fumbles, and 2 recovered fumbles this year.

"I was named Metro MVP over Stefoin Francois but he won District MVP over me because his team won District and we came in second," added the always well spoken Drake Nevis.

We asked one of the more well respected coaches in the City of New Orleans who the best defensive lineman is in the Big Easy and here is what he had to say.

"Rolando Melancon is the real deal, make no bones about it, but Marrero's Drake Nevis is without question the best in not only this city, but in this state. You have to scheme around him, and then you have to send triple teams at him all night," added O. Perry Walker's head coach, Skip Lamothe. "I am not taking anything away from Rolando, because both of them will be playing on Sunday's one day, but Drake is a special/special player."

What makes Drake so special in Nevis' mind?

"I just come after you every play. I do not take any plays off. I use my speed (4.8 at Nike Combine), size (6' 1", 300), and strength (435 bench) to my advantage. But if you do not have a motor that never stops, what good does it do?"

It is those attributes that have college recruiters salivating at getting this special talent on their campus, but Drake remains committed to the University of Mississippi.

"I just have that special bond with their staff, and I feel really comfortable with my surroundings up there. They have everything I need up there. That is why I committed to Ole Miss."

Although Drake remains committed, he has not shut the door on the competing schools.

"I have lined up official visits to Ole Miss (12/1), LSU (12/8), Auburn (1/6), and I am still talking to Clemson and Florida."

Which colleges have now offered Drake a scholarship?

"Lets see, Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Oklahoma, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Florida State, man, really, there are so many I can not think of them all. There are a bunch of them, like 40 something overall."

Drake had a chance to watch two of the colleges he will take an official visit with this past Saturday.

"I went to the LSU/Ole Miss game. It was at LSU, so they gave me some tickets and I went and sat in their section. I did not get a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coachesbut I called Coach Wilson before the game and wished him luck."

What was Drake expecting from both teams before the game?

"I was expecting Ole Miss to play like it like it was a championship game because they are not ranked and they had nothing to lose They wanted to shock the world over a ranked team. They should have won the game, but LSU just pulled a rabbit out of their hat on 4th down on the last play of regulation. I expected LSU to play hard, which they did. They both played pretty much how I expected them too. It is a big rival game, so you know, they are going to slug it out."

Drake had a chance to watch the defensive lines for both clubs.

"Ole Miss is quick. They come off of the ball and attack. They do not sit around and wait for them to come to them. That is how I like to play. And LSU, they attack too. Both teams got a bunch of sacks."

What were the differences in how the teams approached the game?

"It was senior day for LSU, kind of like homecoming because they walk down with their parents. So that always pumps the other team up because that tells them that they have no respect for them if you are scheduled on senior night or homecoming. That means the other team expects to beat you. So you know, Ole Miss came out focused and determined to win. Ole Miss looked a little more determined to me. That is not taking anything away from LSU, because they were focused too."

Did Drake feel like he fit in one defense better than the other?

"No, not really. They both play an attacking style."

When Drake goes on his official visits; what will he be comparing?

"The main thing I will be looking at who they have at my position. Then I will look at what kind of talent I will be surrounded with. I will also look at who is coming in my class and will I redshirt or not. And lastly, I will look at what kind of coaching I will receive. But mainly, I will be looking at the depth chart."

Has Drake begun to research the depth charts for each school?

"I have done a little research with Ole Miss, Auburn, and LSU. So far it looks like Auburn has more depth than LSU and LSU has more depth than Ole Miss."

And lastly, this is what makes Drake even more attractive for college recruiters.

"I have a 3.0 GPA and a 19 on the ACT.

#97 White and Gold/Maroon and Gold (Terrevone High)
#99 Blue and Blue/White and Blue (John Ehret High)

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