Practice Report: Wednesday

The Rebs practiced in shells today and Coach Ed Orgeron was very "happy" with the results. He continues to be pleased with "team spirit" and "work ethic" as the Rebels prepare to take on in-state rival Mississippi State Saturday. Read about it inside.

The Ole Miss Rebels took one more step toward their intrastate matchup with Mississippi State today, practicing under sunny skies and beautiful conditions for a little over 2 hours.

According to Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron, the workout in shells was a positive step.

"We had another beautiful day today and we had another spirited practice. This has been a good week of practice," Coach O stated. "This is a special time for our seniors and they are getting ready to go out for their last shot.

"This game means a lot to everyone, but especially to these seniors. This is it for them. We've played well the past couple of games and they are seeing the program turn around, which is what they wanted to accomplish. Their contributions have been major - sometimes front and center, sometimes behind the scenes. They have been fantastic."

Coach O said even though there's only nine Rebel seniors, he'll miss them.

"We know it's part of it - that they graduate and move on, but hopefully you have created relationships where they will come back. Hopefully, we have taught them some things to go out in the world and compete," he explained. "They have worked hard and have remained a close-knit group. They have taken in the younger guys and helped them become leaders too. They've been good."

The quarterback situation - based on the switch last Saturday at LSU - has been a focal point for the media, but Coach O is keeping that battle under wraps.

"They (Brent Schaeffer and Seth Adams) are both taking snaps with the ones this week," he said. "It looks good. I'm not saying anything else about quarterback."

Since O did not feel it is advantageous to talk about the Schaeffer-Adams competition this week, the media asked him about redshirts Cliff Davis and Michael Herrick.

"Michael has gained 16 pounds since he has been here and is coming along. He's very smart and has made a bit of a move in the last two weeks or so. Cliff has a very strong arm and is a big kid. Both are good QBs, but they are completely different. We'll see which one wins the battle in the future," he assessed. "Michael has obviously been in a passing offense before and that's his strength. He understands it. Cliff's strength is how physical he is. He's the type of QB I like to see back there - big, tough, physical.

"You almost wish you could combine the two. But maybe we can coach both of them up in the areas where they need it and get them both ready to go."

O was asked if the Rebels are as healthy as they were headed into the LSU game.

"We are a little more banged up than we were last week, but I think the guys will be ready by Saturday. We were as healthy as we have ever been last weekend. A couple of guys got some nicks and bruises in the LSU game, but I think they will be ready to go," he answered.

The Rebels will practice early tomorrow morning. They will finish practice, tentatively, at 9:15. The team will report back at 2:30 Friday and have their normal walk-through.

"The team will go home - the ones close enough. Some of them will take some of the other players home with them and some of the other players will go to their coaches' houses. I'd invite them all over to my house, but they are tired of me," he smiled. "The seniors are coming to my house tonight to eat. I'm looking forward to that - it will be a special night.

"We did that last year and it's good. I just want them to relax and be part of my family. I want them to see a side of me they don't get to see very often - more relaxed. It's fun for everyone."

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