Robert Elliott remains committed to Ole Miss

Robert Elliott (RB, Okolona, MS) - There had been some whispers that Robert's decision to attend the University of Mississippi had been "softening" as of late.

"No, that is not true," added Robert Elliott. "I still feel the same about Ole Miss as I have since I committed to them (last year)."

Elliott made the stance when he committed to the Rebels that while he remains committed, he still wants to enjoy the recruiting process and take some official visits.

"I just want to see the goods and bads with all of the schools who continue to show interest in me. I have lined up visits with Ole Miss (12/1), FSU (12/8), Alabama (1/13) and MSU (1/26). But, I might have to reschedule my FSU visit because I am taking the ACT test on that weekend."

What does's #10 nationally rated running back need on his ACT test to become a full qualifier?

"I have what I need if I maintain where I am at right now with my 2.5 Core GPA. I have a 67 (units) right now. I did not do as well as I wanted to in English, so I am focusing on doing better in that section so it can really move my score up. I do not want to cut it close or anything."

When the coaches call Robert from the schools he is not committed to, and they ask them him where he stands, what does Robert say?

"I say I want to see what you'll have to offer, but I am still committed to Ole Miss. I want to weigh my options and see if another school can offer me more than Ole Miss can. Right now, I have not found anybody that can (offer me more than Ole Miss), but I have never visited a couple of the schools who are still recruiting me."

Which colleges have Robert visited before?

"I have been to MSU a few times, and I went to Alabama last Spring to meet with Tom Lemming and I went to a game this Fall."

Having visited MSU several times; what new is Robert looking for while he is on his visit?

"I can see what it is really like. Right now, they do not show me the weaknesses, they just show me the good stuff. I want to go over there and look at their weaknesses and see what it is really like and not just been shown the good things they have to offer. I want to tour their dorm rooms, educational buildings, and see how they really treat the players."

What else will Robert be looking for while he is on his official visits?

"It will mainly be the dorm rooms, educational programs, and how the coaches treat the players. The atmosphere of the fans is big too, and how many running backs they have is huge."

With the official visits falling on dates where there will be no games played; how will Robert get a feel for the fans?

"I have already been to Ole Miss, Alabama, and MSU games. The atmosphere is great at all three programs, so that is a plus for all of them."

And what about FSU?

"I guess I will not know about them, but I see them play on TV a lot, and they (fans) look to really get into the games."

What stands out about each college that Elliott will be visiting?

Ole Miss
- "I just have that special bond with their coaches like nobody else's. I can not explain it. That is why I committed to them in the first place. They have great facilities, great coaches, and a great football program. I like the offense they are running, and I like Coach Werner a lot. They are also getting top notch recruits coming their way, and they are going to be a top program in the coming years."

MSU - "They have just shown me interest that they not only want me, but they need me. That is what I am looking for; that I am needed. They really make it a point that they have to have me."

Alabama - "I just like Alabama. The thing that sticks out to me about Alabama is their facilities. And they have a really nice campus too."

FSU - "Man, just their tradition. They have great tradition. They just send so many players to the NFL, and that is my ultimate goal, to play in the league."

Robert's season is now over. He rushed for 1, 730 yards, 330 receiving yards, and 18 TD's for the year. How would Elliott rate his play?

"I say probably a B- to a B+ due to how we finished out season. We made it to the 2nd round, and the way we started, that was a very good finish. We really came together as a team. We were real young and very inexperienced on the offensive line. I am just proud of my guys for never quitting and getting better and better with each practice we had. I love my guys here. I will be coming back to our games when I am an old man. Hopefully I will not be forgotten by then (laugh)."

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