5 Star DL sets up visit with Ole Miss

DeAngelo McCray (DL, Jacksonville, FL) - Scout.com's #3 nationally ranked defensive tackle has set up an official visit with Ole Miss.

"I am going over to Ole Miss next weekend. They have been up on my list for a while now, and I want to go check it out," stated D'Angelo McCray

McCray has a couple of connections with the University of Mississippi.

"My boys, Michael Hicks and Jamal Harvey, play for them and they are talking it up real big. They have been calling me a bunch, really trying to get me to come to school there. They said I would fit right in, so I am going to see what is up.

What else does McCray like about the Rebels?

"I like Coaches Orgeron and Lubick. They are real cool guys. Coach Lubick has been real consistent with me, and I like how he has recruited me. And Coach Orgeron, he is just always so fired up when he talks to me. He told me that I am just the type of player he wants to coach, real aggressive with a take no prisoners attitude. I like the way their defensive linemen plays downhill. They play real aggressive, just like I do. Like I said, I should be learning a lot more after my visit."

Which other schools are still in the running for McCray?

"Florida, Georgia Tech, Illinois, and Ole Miss. Florida is my home state. They have a really good thing going over there and they play real aggressively on defense too. Georgia Tech, I know a couple of the players over there, and Illinois has really recruited me well. I liked everything about it when I went on my official visit. I think both Illinois and Ole Miss are going to surprise a lot of people over the next few years. Both of them have a lot of good young guys who are getting a lot of playing time now. It would be fun to be a part of a program like that, building it from bottom on up."

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