Rolando Brown talks about his official to OM

Rolando Brown (OL, Vernon, FL) - The Rebels hosted two official visitors this weekend. What did the Vernon (FL) product have to say about his visit?

"It went well. I had no problems with my visit. I learned a bunch. Because really, I knew nothing about them until I took my visit. It was all new to me," stated the 6' 5", 300 pound Rolando Brown .

What all did Brown do on his visit?

"Friday, I sat in for a couple of position meetings with the players. The players and coaches and me and Rufus Williams went over to Coach Orgeron's home and ate some gumbo. Then the players took me out that night. I liked how cool the players were. They treated everybody like family. Saturday, we toured the academic facilities and then went to the game. After the game was over, we went out on the town."

Rolando had a chance to observe the Ole Miss offensive linemen during the game.

"They were real good. They have a straight up good offensive line. It is all the same stuff my coach has been teaching me, so I think it would be easy for me to help them out. They are losing a couple of players too. I could probably play early if I went there."

Sunday was a day to really get to know the coaches.

"I got up and watched a lot of film with coach Kehoe. He showed me what his players do and do not do good. Then he popped in my highlight tape and pointed out why he thinks I can contribute there. I met with Coach Orgeron after that. He told me how good it was to have me there, and he believed I could help him out."

Did Rolando tell Coach Orgeron where Ole Miss stood with him?

"Yes, I told him they were definitely my number one school. I tried to commit but they said I could not commit right now because they do not want to offer anybody that was not eligible. They are waiting on me to pass the ACT/SAT test. I need a 20 on it. I have a 19 right now."

Did Rolando understand Ole Miss' position?

"Yes, I really did because they said they only had a couple of slots left, and they had not make sure they were qualifiers. But they also told me that if I got my needed score, they would be waiting on me."

After thinking about the trip; what stood out the most?

"Just how the players treat you, and how everything is real close together. You do not have to walk far to get to where you need to get."

Where will Brown visit next?

"I am going to East Carolina this weekend. I do not have any visits lined up after that, but Georgia said they had to let go one OL and they just committed another OL. They said if they offer me, it would scare him off. They said if they do offer, it will be late."

Brown is a three year starter for Vernon.

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