Rufus Williams enjoys visit to Ole Miss

Rufus Williams (DE, Titusville, FL) -'s #68 nationally rated defensive end talks about his official visit to the University of Mississippi.

"It was a lot of fun, really," commented Rufus Williams. "It was a whole lot more fun than what I thought it would be. I thought it would be kind of country, but it is not that way at all."

Williams committed to Ole Miss early in the recruiting process, but said he wanted his Godmother to get a chance to see the campus first. Did she get a chance to accompany Rufus on the visit?

"No, she had a family issue come up at the last minute and could not make it. She was very disappointed but she had to take care of some things back home."

What new did Williams learn about the Rebels that maybe he did not know before he came on the trip?

"I did not know there was that much to do in Oxford, and I also learned how close the players are with their staff. Everybody is like a tight niche family. It was all straight."

Williams got to attend the Egg Bowl and came away impressed.

"They had a good atmosphere. All of the students were gone for the Thanksgiving holidays, but they still came back from the holidays to see the game. I was really impressed with how involved the fans were."

What stood out the most during the visit?

"Just how intense the players were. You could tell that game meant everything to them. I also liked how close the players were. There are not any clicks or anything over there."

Rufus got to observe the defensive ends during the game.

"They play downhill and just attack. That is my style. I like to attack/attack and attack some more. I like how they use their defensive ends."

Did Williams feel like he could get some early playing time?

"Yea, but I will need to put on some weight first and get a little bit stronger. I might need a redshirt, but I think I fit into their schemes."

How did the one on one meeting with Coach Orgeron go?

"It went good. He told me how good it was to have me there."

Did Coach O ask Williams to commit?

"No sir, he just said that they really liked my game and that I could fit in really well there. But he never asked me to commit or anything."

Where does Ole Miss now stand?

"They really have me thinking, but I am still leaning towards Tennessee. I am still committed to Tennessee but this trip is going to give me a lot to think about."

Where will Rufus visit next?

"I am not sure yet. I will probably take a couple of more visits before I make up my mind for sure.

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