4 Star WR adds Ole Miss to visit list

Brandon Gibson (WR, Mobile, AL) - Scout.com's #30 nationally rated wide receiver is now considering Ole Miss.

"I talked to Ole Miss about visiting on December 8th, but it would be tough if we make it to the championship game game because it is played on the 7th. I will take an official visit there next weekend unless we make it to the state championship game. If we do make it, which I expect us to, then I will reschedule it," added Brandon Gibson.

What got the 6' 2", 190 pound Ums Wright Preparatory School product interested in Ole Miss?

"They have been recruiting me real hard the last couple of months. They are a new comer. They came in on me pretty late and offered me around March. They did not call much until the last month and half. Then they started calling me every Monday. Coach Saunders from Ole Miss is suppose to be coming to my house this week."

Anybody else scheduled for an inhome visit?

"I talked to coach Cooper from South Carolina last week about coming over, but nothing is scheduled yet."

Have anymore official visits been set?

"No, but I will definitely be visiting Alabama, Auburn, and South Carolina. I am still looking at Arkansas and West Virginia as well. LSU is also still in the mix somewhat."

Have each of these colleges offered Gibson a scholarship?

"Yes sir."

Gibson has had Alabama in the lead for quite some time; will the coaching change at Alabama alter his pecking order?

"Basically, I hate that this happened to Coach Shula. I liked him a lot, but the change will not sway my decision. I am not saying I am going to Alabama, because I really have to get to know the new staff and see what the other programs have to offer as well, but I am going to make my decision on the education factor, as well as their program. It is just not a football thing with me. I hear Coach Shula's assistants are gone as well, which hurts some, but I am still high on them. They are still my number one choice. Coach Shula's firing will not change anything."

What stands out about each school that Brandon is still considering?

South Carolina
- "I like Coach Spurrier. He is a great coach. He likes to air it out. One of my best friends, Captain Mennerlyn, is a CB for them. I promised him I would take an official visit there. He said that is what changed his mind (taking a visit to South Carolina)."

LSU - "They are the team that showed me the most interest at the start of the recruiting process. I have been to their stadium. They get you pumped up to play. Nothing gets you excited like their fans."

Alabama - "They have a great future and tradition. They always have a great QB and they need some WR's."

Auburn - "The have a great staff as well. I like their WR coach, Knox. They send a lot of WR's to the NFL too."

- "They are building a great team and they have a great running attack, but they like to throw the ball as well. But the big thing with Arkansas is their track program. Their track program is one of the best in the country, and I want to run track too."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I definitely want to get along with their staff. I do not want any problems fitting in. The offense has to have balance. You can not throw without the run. I want to go to a program that looks like it will have a good future for the next four years."

Brandon had 41 catches for 680 yards and 8 TD's through eight game of action.

UMS Wright Preparatory School is now 11-2 on the season and face Eufaula in the 4th round of the playoffs Friday.

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