Co-Eric Riley has a new pecking order

Co-Eric Riley (WR, MS Gulf Coast CC) - One of Mississippi's top juco prospects committed to MSU early in the recruiting process but has been wavering ever since

"I had inhome visits with Coach Saunders (Ole Miss), Larry (OC at Oklahoma State), and Luke (Tennessee) this week. Coach Saunders came by on Sunday, and the other two coaches came by on Monday," added Co-Eric Riley.

How did each inhome visit go?

"Coach Saunders (OM) told me how much they need me. He said when I get there, I will be a starter. Coach Larry (OSU) talked real good. I liked him. He guaranteed a starting spot, so I like OSU a lot. I set up an official visit with them for January 12th. And Coach Luke talked real good too. He hung with me in high school when he was at Ole Miss. In fact, he is the only coach who is recruiting me now that recruited me in high school. I set up a visit with Tennessee for January 26th. Tennessee and Oklahoma State are my top two schools now."

Where does this leave the school that Riley committed to, MSU?

"I am still committed, but I am still open, real open. I am liking OSU and Tennessee a lot. Those are my top two schools, then I would have MSU after those two and Ole Miss is still in there. If everything does not go so good with MSU, I have some options now."

Are there anymore schools in the picture that have not been listed?

"No, I am just trying to focus on those two schools, Tennessee and Oklahoma State."

What stands out about Oklahoma State?

"They have a big WR that is leaving early, and I think I will play a big role for them. Everything is open for me at OSU."

And Tennessee?

"A lot of WR's are leaving there too. I know I will start at Tennessee."

Did Ole Miss ask Co-Eric to set up an official visit during the inhome visit?

"Yes sir, but I told them I needed time to think about it."

What is lacking for Ole Miss?

"They do not keep up with me like OSU and Tennessee. They call me every week, and text me almost every day. Ole Miss just has not shown that they want me like those two."

Riley had 43 catches for 604 yards and 4 TD's this season.

Co-Eric is scheduled to graduate in May.

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