The "Big O" pays Sowell an inhome visit

Bradley Sowell (OL, Hernando, MS) - One of the more quotable high school recruits around said it best about his loyality to Ole Miss during a conversation last week.

"Coach Freeze called to tell me that Coach Orgeron was going to come to my house tonight, and I told him he did not have to do that, I was going to be at Ole Miss. I wanted him to visit some of the players he needed to win over. I am already a Rebel. I told him there is no need in him wasting his time with me," added Bradley Sowell.

But after Coaches Orgeron and Hughes took an inhome visit with Bradley on Wednesday night; he was glad they came.

"We had a real good time. They ate some of mom's cooking. I think they liked it (laugh). Coach O got himself a double serving (laugh). I told him he could eat, but not as much as me (laugh). He said yea, but I do not weight 340 pounds like I do (laugh). All I know is that I would hate to go up against him. He is one bad looking dude (laugh). I am glad he is on my side."

When the buffet was out of food; they got down to business.

"First off, when went over my grades. He announced that I was already a qualifier. After we talked about my grades, he told me how it would be when I get there, from A to Z. He said he will create a safety net and that I will have everything that I need. When I get there, he told me what will be required of me, like attending classes, weight sessions, and things like that. He also told me the penalty if I missed a class. It is pretty severe, but I like that he is that way."

After going over what life is going to be like at Ole Miss; they got down to football.

"Coach Orgeron told me that he was looking for a replacement for (Andrew) Wicker. He said I looked like a first round NFL pick to him, but I was going to have to earn it. And then he said something real funny to me. He told me the first day he got me in pads, he was going to line me up against Peria Jerry to see what I am all about. I told him I am coming down there to get a spot. That was my only goal. He told me that is what he wanted to hear. Coach Hughes was with him and he also met my family. It was a real good visit. I can not wait to get down there."

Bradley will take his official visit with Ole Miss this weekend.

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